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Thursday, March 6, 2008

China - and no not the country

Per instructions from Shannon I'm doing a short blog about "nice" china - the white floral with gold rim is from my mom - I remember my dad bringing this home but I didn't recall the date until I found a delivery note from his purchase in 1951. He had been on TDY (temporary duty) with the United States Air Force in England -those were the days before internet and cheap long distance so we got a few letters and I don't remember if he was able to call home or not. The family picture is marked in my mom's writing 1955 but I think it was a little earlier. Shannon - it is definitely NOT washed in a dishwasher - and it is worth the extra trouble. I remember my mom lovingly hand washing and drying these dishes for special occasions. (before we go all "I remember Mama" on this thing - in my childhood NOBODY had dishwashers - or if they did - they called them "children"!)
Enough of this china foolery - since I first read Shannon's request for china pictures - my real life has been on hold and it isn't holding well right now. Thank you for the trip down a memory lane - I also have two sets of every day dishes (not paper plates - although we do have those) and a beautiful set of dishes seen elsewhere in my blog ,came with DH when we combined households. It is cold, crowded in dish cabinets and good in Buhlaland.


Pam said...

What beautiful china!

And you were a cute little girl, too! Love the ruffles!

Brandi said...

Oooo, love the china. It is very similar to mine that was given me by my husband's Oma. Unfortunately I can't post a picture because it is packed up safely waiting for its turn to serve. It is not our turn to have holidays at our house yet, my mom and my aunt still have all the holidays covered and they are not willing to give any of them up.

I actually have four sets. We have blended both our grandmothers (which both have pink roses) and our mother's china (which both have pink rosebuds) to set a beautiful table. His families sets came from Germany and mine csme from USA and they look wonderful mixed on the table.

Don't you miss those cute clothes little girls used to wear?

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I just love the china and the memory that goes along with it! I have a lot of dishes with all kinds of flowers, but I keep one set from Noritake for special occasions. Blessings, Kathleen