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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Superhero? or Superheroine? PC I'm not

Fun - I want to have a bit of fun because I'm working on a posting that isn't. Beth was tagged with a meme.Superhero Quiz.
I turned out to be 75% Spiderman. I have never pictured myself wearing tights (not a pretty mental picture) and slinging sticky gunk out of my wrists. Hey it's on the internet so it can't be wrong?
Just a simple chuckle y'all - nothing deep here today - we are getting a new roof, noisy process and about to lose internet for several hours while they take down the wireless receiver! AARGH! Touch of panic in Buhlaland for sure.


Farm Chick said...

Will you also have "the curl" now with your new roof? (lol) Hope your internet isn't down for long! Have a great day!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Aha I wasn't clear about that - the new roof is going on our home - the metal roof is the house we renovated across the road from us - it'll be a rental soon as we finish spiffing up with new appliances etc. I think that metal roof will produce many curls (doggone snow!) We couldn't do metal on our house - well not at a bid of over $31K we didn't! Thanks for stopping by!