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Monday, March 10, 2008

What kind of track?

Before anyone corrects me - I am making an experienced guess on these tracks, not a woodscraft expert nor do I play one on TV. You live in the country and begin to figure out what else is out here. The hundreds of tiny tracks by a round bale of hay were made by little birds - haven't a clue as to the kind of bird, they are not sparrows. They were getting seed heads out of the hay after our big snow (for Texas it was a big snow). The next tracks are more of a story. The rounded track is canine - probably a dog who tried to attack one of our goats. Scuffled up areas and sliding marks were from a struggle, but there was no blood so goats won this round. I was able to follow the tracks into the goat pen and back out again - predator had come in through back pastures and exited further to the west same pasture. Goats were upset that morning - can't say I blame them.

Next set of tracks is more a study in timing - I think the small pointed tracks with a dragging line (armadillo) occurred first then the rounder tracks were a cat who happened through later. You see the spot where the cat either tried to catch something or just messed around a little? I think it was our neighbor's wonderful big cat Blue (he was the cat mentioned in our friend's obituary last summer). Blue regularly patrols the property around our rock house. So other than showing you animal tracks - what am I blogging about?

The basic idea of this post was my own issues with what track am I leaving? If you knew me well would you see the scuffling marks of battles, my tail dragging at times (now I confess to making a long stretch with the tail remark) or am I pecking at someone else's food bale to find my little nuggets?

My conclusion is I believe I'm more like these rabbit tracks - the rabbit walked(hopped) all around our house, found a snowy spot covering green weeds and dug it out, ate a bit and went on it's way - bothering no one and not damaging anything of significance. Hmm - maybe I've done better than neutral (don't rush to build me up - I believe I have worth by being a Child of God and loved by a good man) but I really like the idea of "no hurt no harm" - but I'm no hare either (oh dear she is rhyming!). Wanted to share the snow one more time - we have had 80 degree days this week so thank you Lord the snow is done for this year. It is good on Buhlaland, and we like rabbits much more than attacking canines.

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Farm Chick said...

Great post, LindaSue! (I'm sure I've left a few tail draggin' marks in the tracks I've left behind, too! LOL)