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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Everything old is new again

I posted last night but apparently had started my post much earlier so newest post is hiding - scroll down a bit to the Tracks - according to the blog gremlins that would be 3 posts older - but actually it is the newest - ergo - all things old are NEW again.. Since it is Sunday I get to do another plug - I am a new creation in Christ - try being renewed and if you don't know how, haven't felt that way in years or simply aren't sure it is true - click on Not Religion on the right side of my blog screen . I'm not very keen on "religion " - too often used to create an image rather than a relationship with the Risen Lord. Try it - only bad thing that could happen is you might realize what you've been missing. Now back to our regular blogging program - scroll down and see the snow in Buhlaland.
(This is Palm Sunday - don't idolize someone and praise them without knowing who they really are and where following them might take you - just a thought.)

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Farm Chick said...

Thanks for this one, too, LindaSue... It took me a long time to realize that God didn't care as much about what I did FOR Him, as He did how much time I spent WITH Him!