Authentic Compassion

Thursday, July 28, 2011

You May have to kiss a lot of toads

To find your prince - at least that may be one story in tiny pond outside breakfast nook windows. Had big plans about changing up pond - adding trickling water rocks and generally spiffing it up. Somehow the costs in energy and finances of dealing with DH's recent health kick in the pants (aka stroke) has ended up with an amusement park for toads and frogs. Only the smoother skinned pointed snout one is a frog - all others are toads.

We got a real laugh from the morning line up (the toads get in water to eat whatever they find and rehydrate) to exit pond. Larger toad appears to be practicing for some serious rockclimbing.
Doesn't take much to amuse us here on Buhlaland - and that is good - with weather guessers doing a countdown on number of 10o F days in a row - we are grateful for inexpensive amusement close to the air conditioned ceiling fanned house!


Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

I love it when frogs and toads come to live in the ponds! They are comical! Stay cool! blessings,Kathleen

Paula said...

We have lots of froggies around here too, Linda Sue~ the pond just over the hill is full of them and I just love to listen to them at night!