Authentic Compassion

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A snippet is defined as a small piece of something, these photos are small pieces from the quilt of our summer here on Buhlaland.

Long shadows and easy to see where our sprinklers reach and don't reach in backyard - brown versus green is demarcation line.

Tadpoles hatching - you can see a tail on one - most are still curled up around egg sac getting their nutrition from built in feed source.

Egyptian lily is all I know to call this exotic bloom - heat and winds so strong even as buds open they are blasted brown on the edges.

Last snippet was a supperet - stopped at the farmers market intending to buy local honey (seen in background of picture) but the fragrance of fully ripened local cantaloupes got to me - impulse buy turned into most of supper! It is good - hot hot hot and dry but in the essentials very good on Buhlaland - maybe my brain will support more than snippets soon.


Lanny said...

"Oh you can't elope with the cantalope but the watermelon's willin'"

Your snippetage was lovely!

Anonymous said...

Sweet summertime is a wee bit too hot this year! I love cantaloupe better than most anything! I, too, can make a meal with one. Grandpa used to eat a half with vanilla ice cream in the center!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

We had a fabulous 'lope this past weekend; so fragrant and flavorful. Tis the season!

Kelly said...

Cantaloupe is one of my favorite fruits. Hope you guys get some rain soon. Stay cool. I like the vanilla ice cream idea from Mildred.

Vickie said...

Coined a new word, didja!

Cantaloupe looks great - we just polished off our second Black Diamond watermelon. Either one, just hand me a fork and a shaker of salt and I can eat my weight in melon!

Snippetage....I like it!

Deanna said...

Sweet Summer blessings!
Snippetage away!!!

Paula said...

Mmmm- the cantaloupe looks yummy, Linda Sue! I like mine with cottage cheese.
Beautiful picture of the Egyptian Lily- amazing bloom!
Hope you get some relief from the heat soon, my dear!