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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Boids and the Bees

Changed up header picture - it is from last year (2010) and the bounty of babies we had. Cold weather when they were born so they were very snuggly.
Mother's Day almost over - I was blessed with a couple of greeting cards for the day. Always feel odd about it - despite everyone saying "well you are a mother for the animals" sure isn't like having someone who is my child (by body or adoption). But this is the life I have been given and it is definitely an adventure! Been plenty of birds and insects around already -
I think I saw a lightning bug last night by the goat pens.
Still not even what we call our new normal around here - DH having some major health challenges with being off prednisone. We trust this will all straighten out soon
and be back to the limitations he had before. Definitely learning a new perspective of living each day as it comes. Sounds simplistic as I write it out - but it is our truth - we are all given one day at a time. As a child - our parents shape those days. I had a diligent and caring mother
- not an easy person but definitely one who worked hard to make our day to day lives good. We were brought up to be in church every time the doors opened . My life since then has taken far away from church, back and now in a different form of worship. We read scripture and then did church together for an hour today - we were listening to hymns and praise music on youtube (it isn't all weird stuff on youtube!). Enough about us -
definitely warm spring here in North Texas - and that makes it good on Buhlaland.

Hope y'all look at the honeysuckle closely - a tiny hummingbird in the upper right corner of the picture - it was frantically trying to taste every blossom!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Fabulous photos, looks like spring at your place and a welcome sight it is!

Debbie said...

I always enjoy your photos and your babies. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :D

Vickie said...

Hey Linda Sue - I'm just overwhelmed by your sweet comments on my blog pictures tonight! Thank you, my friend!

OK, well I won't wish you Happy Mother's day then, how 'bout Happy Friends Day??? We're talking women here, moms, and women we care about so Happy Friends Day!!!

Sorry to hear that your DH is having some issues, but we'll pray that they can be managed again soon so that life can go on the way he wants it.

I'm trying to get back to normal, too, after all this wedding stuff. It was SO fun, but I'm exhausted!
I hope your week is filled with blessings straight from heaven above!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Lovely photos. It was a delight to see them through your lenses.

Best wishes,

Deanna said...

honey suckle is so awesome!!!!

Lanny said...

I love the header, all snuggly and warm and dry too I see. Right now dry is a big thing to me. I was dry yesterday, when I wasn't kneeling, today, is a different story, well not so different from how the story usually goes but different from yesterday that's for sure. I would love to send you some, I'm good at ditch digging, I asked Dirt if he thought I could dig an irrigation ditch on down to you. He said most likely, but that I would run into some fairly large hills. I said hills schmills, its all down hill from here isn't it?!