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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adventures Galore Repeat

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the lights flashing and ambulance here on Buhlaland - another adventure in the life of two old folks doing whatever God puts in front of 'em. My Beloved had a stroke on Monday morning - long story short - prayer and a way which was prepared for us long before we had the need made things work out as if there is a Plan in our lives. We are already home - all testing done - some medications changed up and minimal lingering damage to speech and mobility. Both quite exhausted and happy to be in own spot on Buhlaland. New slogan for me - Fear Not. Being anxious about anything may steal away moments given to bless us not allow us to imagine bad event - each day will have enough troubles for that day but also - the strength for that day will be given. Happy to be home - thanks for visiting me on Buhlaland. Just a few pictures 'cause it is still our blessed spot of life 'til the Lord declares otherwise.
Hmmm - just signed on blogger after not being able to sign on blogger and most recent post had disappeared - will post again and hope for the best. We continue to feel better (both of us) each day but still very tired (both of us). Rest and enjoying the scenery - that's the way it is on Buhlaland.

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