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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rub a dub dub

Have you ever realized how few pictures a person takes of bathrooms? I came to such a realization this week because I wanted to do a bloggity/ HGTV type episode on Buhl's Bath Buildout.

We built our house 8 years ago and never quite finished the master bathroom - it was on the "round to it" list. Our tub hasn't been useable for many months - many months. Apparently our tub developed a nasty problem in the whirlpool lines and a crack along the base rendering it DOA (dead over all - these are the jokes folks). I developed a stronger sense of urgency about wanting a tub right after DH finished the stone pillars by our front gates and was in a little "lull" work wise. I got busy and tub was ordered, delivery set for today.

I didn't get in and take a "before" picture in time - DH had already broken out the front piece (apron is the actual term). We have a sequential going -- partially removed, then the tub completely out but weird shelf behind tub still there. Yes I know it looks like a mess - but you have to break some eggs to make an omelet (isn't that the dumbest saying? pretty much a big DUH) Next in the sequence is the pretty, shiny, just delivered this morning bathtub which will go IN the old tub spot. Currently displayed in our living room behind our couch - convenient and safe for the tub - I hope I'll remember it is there when I go through the house at 4:30 in the morning to make coffee - my shins will appreciate if my brain remembers object placement.

I thought I was nearly done with "you have to decide" dilemmas until DH reminded me - "WE" (meaning me) have to decide on a material for the decking (shelf around the tub) and a general idea of what kind of vanities I want built. AARGH!
Here is what we have - and I'm messy but this is way beyond normal - this is a lot of storage lost and now piled on top of the vanity. We are currently (until I get to the home improvement store and see something ELSE I might try - grrrrr) thinking tile around the tub deck - and try to use tile which can be repeated in new shower planned for sometime in the spring, also on the floors because we don't like what we have now. White isn't it? very very very white - and we live in the country - so white isn't the best choice (note to self - no more white floors, thank you, we'll be in touch). Here is where the project stands - I'll keep adding to the thrilling information about my bathroom (some days blogging seems so massively self indulgent!) as new materials, colors or decisions are made. We are committed now - it is all about tiles and colors and oh yes - the fun of making decisions! We are blessed DH has so many skills, patience, and imagination - because I lack all three! My spiritual gifts are ------

I'll get back to you on that one. Here in Buhlaland it is all about the journey and for now our journey heads to Home Depot and Lowes! See you soon - be kind to yourself and those you love. Over and out ---it is good on Buhlaland!


Brandi said...

I am sure you will love your new tub. It looks wonderful, but will look better once in its rightful place.

Lanny said...

You will have a lovely bathroom soon! I live in the country (farm) and in "rainsville" so white is off our decorating list for so many reasons. I love doing tile. Have fun with it!

teamwilhite said...
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teamwilhite said...

Fianlly! I thought something smelled a little funny. It's about time you guys took a bath!!!

LindaSueBuhl said...

yes ma'am - we are trying to get all up to date around here and doing that newfangled thing of bathing like more than once a week (you stinker!) I could mention people who don't wash their faces before bible class but I wouldn't do that - naw not me! Thanks for stopping by! Hey Lanny - thank you also - and Brandi - yes the tub will be better in the bathroom rather than in front of the fireplace where it was stored