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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The rather unsightly growth on the trunk of one of our oaks is called a gall - they are caused by tiny wasps and apparently contain larvae. Ugly things but don't really harm the tree. I think we often use the term "takes a lot of gall" to mean someone who does something really irritating or offensive. I am finding an excess of "gall" and not the nondamaging oak tree kind in blogs this election year. I honestly have a point here --- stay with me for a bit.
Most of you wouldn't notice but I have been deleting a few links on my blogsite. Either the blogs are not active (posting regularly) or they have taken a turn into an area in which I don't have an interest in supporting. Won't be making a big personal deal this political season about where I stand or for whom I'm voting. Here on Buhlaland, we vote pro-life and against excessive involvement of government in the lives of citizens. Scripture is clear we are to give to Caesar what is his (in the specific illustration in Matthew 22:19-21- Jesus was looking at money when he used that phrase - so we pay taxes as our fair share in government) but we are to give to God what is due him ( worship and honor come to mind). I'm trying to be diplomatic (y'all won't encounter diplomacy too often with me!) about saying - please do vote, be informed and prayerful about the elections. Whatever your concerns, don't fear - Jesus repeats that admonition over and over - fear not. We know who is in control whether we understand the outcomes or not. Whew - got that out of my system - tidying up in Buhlaland gets wordy and more grammatically incorrect at times doesn't it? OK - see you again very soon with my normal stream of consciousness postings (hint - bathtub is ordered!)


Brandi said...

Great post!

I often wonder why we try not to offend others with our thoughts when it comes to things like politics. I mean, it is our blog and we are supposed to be putting our feelings and thoughts down. And those that don't agree with us are either posting things on their blogs that offend us or worse, posting their thoughts on our blog comments.

That is why I try not to post anything to political on my blog, but I am so glad you did.

Sorry I took up so much room in your comments area. And that gall stuff looks nasty! Glad it doesn't harm the trees!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Thanks Brandi - one of my goals was to avoid becoming the target of a rather large contingent of extremely offensive blog attackers who work for one of the candidates. I avoided the names of candidates because that is one search criteria through which they find blogs to attack - isn't it pitiful?
Yes - the gall thing does look just vile - and the words of a friend never take up too much room!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Bravo, Linda Sue!!

I too hope everyone will PRAYERFULLY consider the issues at hand in this election.. not just any ONE certain thing- but take it all into serious consideration!

If my back's ever up against the wall, I want you in my corner!!! LOL

KathyB. said...

Thank-you Linda Sue ! I too, do not want my blog to be political, and I do have friend's blogs, and new found blogging friends in my side bar. However, should any be downright , well, I won't go into what I object to. But let's just say, my immediate family and my brothers and sisters in Christ, and my family that has served in the Military mean more to me than life. Should I find I am in any way encouraging others to read a blog that dishonors or mocks these people, I will delete them from my sidebar. ( Now don't get me wrong, we are free to express ourselves and my family has shed a lot of sweat and blood and tears for that right, just do not want to support that on MY blog )

I count you and your blog as friends, again, thank-you, and thank you for taking a stand. Our family is pro-life, the alternative ? Anyway, nuff said !

P.S. There is so much about gall that is interesting, you could do a bunch of posts on it !

LindaSueBuhl said...

KathyB - I struggle with the term pro-life - our culture has developed linguistic gymnastics - maybe calling something an ecologically based recycling plant instead of a compost pile seems nicer to someone - but it is still stuff rotting down (makes for great soil but that's a different topic). So we continue to use pro-life to cover the defense of human life - prebirth, physically or mentally challenged and a dignified old age - but if y'all want to call a spade some kind of shovel I'll sign that petition too! Thanks for dropping by - anybody who read these comments - visit Cedar Hill - great writing, delightful pictures and - pro more kinds of life than you can shake a stick at! said...

Awesom post!

I love how you tied it into voting and the great need for people to actually vote.

Very cool.

I posted more of that story today. I can't stop myself. I'm hooked.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

River57 said...

I guess things must have been getting ugly on blogs and boards. Glad things are ever pleasant in Buhlaland.

Seems Government is way up in everyone's business in one way or the other not matter which side of the aisle you are voting!

Not sure we'll see much change in our government no matter who gets into office. Seems this country will be digging itself out of debt for quite some time to come.

Liz said...

I've had a lot of my blog links go inactive here lately. What's the deal? I kind of get upset when people evaporate like that!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Hey Liz - wasn't me - I just added you! Seems that lately lots of people who had been balancing several blogs or active websites have realized they need to cut back - maybe that is your dead link source? Anyway - I'm tickled you dropped by. Am feeling way better and busy getting the bathroom ready for a major renovation! Woo Hoo! said...

I still just can't stop staring at that tree growth. Wild!