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Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Pigs Fly

I believe that event will coincide with the date I get caught up on blogging - both entering and reading! Bought this little metal "art" flying pig recently and it migrates around our garden spot - you never know where Senor Cerdo will land - he just makes me laugh.

Daylilies - ya gotta love'em - multiply like crazy and almost anyone will take a "little clump of lilies I was thinning out"!

Dragonfly - sitting on lavender but next to huge rosemary bush.

Buhlaland is fully in summer mode now - just experienced a brief and delightful summer storm - no measurable rain but it cooled off about ten degrees. Our tin can garden (my term for an all container attempt to raise a few tomatoes and peppers) is finally going well - may already be too hot for the strawberries to prodce much.

Chickens get to wander around our yard from 6 pm until dark - they come running up to me when I go out to get them back in their pen and coop. They are certainly good at tearing up layers of oak leaves piled under trees and finding whatever tasty morsels lie there. I use the rosemary you can see in dragonfly picture - delicious on any kind of chicken or pork barbecue you might be trying - add to a small can of apricot nectar, half a cup apricot-pineapple preserves and juice of one or two limes , minced tablespoon of fresh rosemary- heat it up and put on something you want to taste delicious!

Hope your summer is going well - life is good on Buhlaland.


Debbie said...

Sounds as though you're enjoying your summer. Great photos and a good sounding recipe!

Anonymous said...

I love the flying pig and oh, the daylilies and dragonfly are so pretty. Thanks for the recipe too. Summer is in full swing now. Sending my best to you both. Enjoy your weekend.

KathyB. said...

My husband's secretary has a collection of flying pigs and it is fun to see the varieties made. I like your Senor Cerdo very much!

Wish Daylilies multiplied as well around here, but slugs flock ( can slugs flock? ) to them like crazy and feast til they're full and the lilies are just pathetic little sticks with slime on them.

Life on Buhl-a-land sounds very pleasant and blessed to me Linda Sue, very blessed and peaceful. ( Love the dragonfly picture!)