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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Help Me Rhonda (or anybody else)

In the continuing effort to at least create the appearance I garden - I cleared out 3 not great roses (note to self - don't buy any roses except those disease resistant ones). A few years ago DH built this trellis for us out of pieces of copper tubing. I love the weathered color since shiny new has worn off ('cause it feels more like me - my shiny new wore off LONG ago!). Now trying to decide what to do with this corner. Still have to get that one ugly gnarly shovel resistant clump of former rose bush out. Do NOT want to plant anything resembling morning glories - still pulling out volunteer morning glories from a foolish indulgence years ago - morning glories go from pretty plant to invasive and all consuming monster too quickly. No more roses, too small a trellis for wisteria or grape vine. Wondering what to do here and thought to self - Self - who do you know with creative minds and great garden skillz! YEP - I'm asking y'all - I will sincerely appreciate your suggestions. My thinking has ranged from hanging bird feeders (I have never done bird feeders - figured they got enough feed from what they steal out of the goat pens), hanging plant containers, putting a bird bath under the trellis and letting the soil underneath turn to swamp (we have a layer of good, imported soil on top of solid clay!) or hanging bells and banners and driving us all crazy with the noise.
This isn't a contest - just a plea to you from me - help me Rhonda - or Sally or Sue or Tom, Dick or Harry! It is good on Buhlaland but I'm dry on ideas.


Vickie said...

Hi Linda - how are the Buhls? Have you thought of clematis? It's not quite as invasive, dies back in the wintertime, tho, but you could do something fallish or Christmasy during the winter months... I would suggest Double Knockout roses. We have alot of them, they self-clean, they stay bushy instead of leggy, they are very hardy. Pink or Red double knockouts - don't get yellow - they don't bloom well. My mom has some passionflower vines. She's got hers growing on a trellis similar to yours. What about some kind of jasmine or trumpet vine?
Get something to grow on your trellis and then hang something in the middle. AND put your birdbath under it. That's how mom has hers. It's very pretty! I know you'll come up with something beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Exactly what Vickie said, I was thinking clematis too. I love the weathered metal look of your trellis, by the way.

I have big ideas when it comes to gardening, but making it look as I had it pictured in my mind is an entirely different thing.

Best wishes Mrs. Gardener!!

KathyB. said...

LindaSue, how about hops? Our daughter's husband, our beloved Tom, is a landscape gardener, a master gardener, etc.He planted hops as a trellis vine and they are beautiful! They grow quickly and seem to thrive in the hot sun. Google them and see for yourself.I am tempted to plant some myself, they make such a dramatic statement in the garden.

A. Joy said...

My dad always said "Never plant Morning Glories!" My mom's folks had them taking over every tree in the yard. We had a lot of plants not do too well this year so are having to make some changes as well. Kind of like redecorating the house eh? Your husband is handy with the copper tubing!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say "hi" and wish you a safe and happy July 4th weekend. I hope today has been a good day for you both.

Anonymous said...

Linda, last year we put the polkadot plant on our smaller trellis. It's an annual (dies every year and doesn't come back) and it will cover the trellis beautifully having pretty yellow flowers with black centers (kinda looks like a daisy but it only has a few petals). Jasmine is pretty and comes back.
And yes, morning glories in containers ONLY!