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Monday, May 10, 2010

Babies to teenagers? my Kids!

From January 27th when Crybaby gave birth to Lantana (first born - caramel face and white body) and Fantana (second born - larger doeling with chestnut body and white head markings) to now - the twins have been darlings of our Class of 2010.

Crybaby is the oldest of our does - she is probably approaching 9 or 10 which is nearly old age for a boer/nubian mix. She is an excellent mother - even though recently she was very ill - she keeps her babies close.

Lanny was making big strides in tree climbing but also showing evidence of juvenile rebellion - she and Fanny chew each other's hair at night and it gave Lanny a Mohawk style for several weeks.

The twins like to lay down together -

or explore together.

Goat kids growing up on Buhlaland - it is good to watch healthy babies. Grateful we have pictures along the way, it would be easy to forget tiny bodies learning how to stand on their own legs. Now they run and like to jump up behind me and nip at my pants when I'm in the pen with them!

We have a total of 9 babies this year. Only one other set of twins two weeks old now. Pictures of Amber and Jasper to come.


Vickie said...

Hi Linda - how're y'all doin'? Hey I butchered all three of those words! The kids are so cute - I can't decide which one I like better - Lanny or Fanny. They're both so cute! I guess you're keeping both of them since they're girls?

Hope Skip is doing well. Here we go into hot summer again. We're praying for rain already. We've missed all these storms that have rolled through here. Our grass is brown and crispy. I'm pouring the water on my garden and flowers - hate to see my water bill next month!

KathyB. said...

Little goats so quickly grow up . In a way that is kind of sad , how quickly this happens, but they are beautiful and healthy kids and seem to have as good a future as a goat gets, especially since they are born and raised there on Buhl-a-land.

I am often very glad I have photographed my lambs because I do forget their young days and a record of their growth is very , very god.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda Sue, I'm friends with Lanny and KathyB and thought I would stop and visit with you - I know you are special to both of them. These kids are so sweet. I only have a dog and 3 cats, but it is fun to look back at their earlier pictures and see how tiny they once were. Hope you have a wonderful day.

slsommer said...

Sweeties! No wonder you love them.

Lanny said...

Lanny showing signs of juvenile rebellion? I can't believe it. Watch your sharp objects she might give herself some piercings. Mohawks are just gateway fashion statements you know.

Mary Humphrey said...

I love the "ice cream head" nubians. A few years back we coined the darker nubians, with the white caps as "ice cream head" babies. Beautiful, they are.

I am enjoying the kids on our farm as well. They grow up all too fast. Such little blessings that are truly large blessings.

Flower said...

The cutest babies....twins....goats that smile all the time!! We smile back, don't we?

Anonymous said...

Linda, if I were a blind woman reading this post, I would think, "Boy, what a freaky family!" Those little girls and boys are so cute!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Yes Vickie - Lanny and Fanny are keepers, Skip is doing OK thank you for the sweet comments at caringbridge. You too KathyB - our goats are out on the front drive right now - doing their job of eating invading weeds!
Welcome Mildred - any friend of Kathy and Lanny has got to be a special person.
Susan - yes but then I can easily love things which appear to love me in return.
Lanny - gateway indeed - these goats need no encouragement to get a bit wild - especially with no buck in our herd now - the girls are feisty!
Mary - yes our kids are such a blessing.
Flower - thank you so much for coming by.
Debbie - anybody reading my stuff or listening to me would KNOW it is a weird family around here!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Oh Vickie I keep thinking about pestering - I mean asking sweetly - for DH to investigate one of those gutter downspout fed cisterns for catching water - seems stupid to pump it out of our well and then pour it on the ground again.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, Linda Sue- I just love seeing pictures of all your beautiful (not to mention adorable) babies!
I know what you mean about the pictures... I look at pictures we took of our babies born this year- feathered and woolly both- and cannot believe how they've grown up!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi Lindasue, I always love to see your goat photos! Have you gotten a lot of rain as we have? Blessings,Kathleen