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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More mostly pictures

Sunshine and leafed out oak trees - definitely spring warm weather and pleasant changes around the countryside.

Lanny (Lantana) is showing her general disapproval of all the attention being given to newborn twins - she is a twin and believes she and Fanny (Fantana) are much cuter than those little brown things.

The doeling alongside her mother, has been named Amber - her brother is Jasper - both gemstones found in Texas and often shades of brown.

Each day we have to go out and find the babies - Pearl isn't being a very good mother this year and leaves them out in a pasture. They are so small almost anything could take them - a few turkey vultures check out our place every day.

One picture to show how small Amber is compared even to Jasper - she is about half his weight. Will start supplemental feedings for them soon - right now they are only interested in the all you can suckle milk bar their mom offers.
New life, warm days and night - life is good on Buhlaland.


Lanny said...

All you can suckle! Too cute! I hate to say it but it is true, lip curl and all, I am the cutest goat and deserving of all the attention. Life is all about me, well, a little bit Fanny too, but only cuz she's with me.

Sandra said...

Life IS good! Love these photos and love those kids...they give me grins.

Wobegon Cottage said...

They are cute. It made me think of my grand-daughter Ellie. I have two nephews whose wifes both had babies within a month of Ellie. They are both younger and way bigger. She is on food now but I believe she is always going to be petite, just like the little goat. I have always been interested in seeing how animals parent their young. Why some are better mothers than others..kinda like life I guess.You would think it would all come naturally but I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Linda Sue, I enjoy hearing about all the goat exploits and farm life. Even though I live in the country, I don't have the critters, but I enjoy you who do. I think it's amazing how God made all different colors, sizes, and temperaments of the same animal - just like people.

LindaSueBuhl said...
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