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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blogger's Block

When I have nothing to say - but feel the need to connect with the blogosphere I cheat and put up lots of pictures. It is definitely spring here in North Texas - the Class of 2010 kids are all about 3 months old and feisty. Susannah is our smallest doeling - but this morning she decided to mix it up with Lulu. Lulu isn't known for her sweet nature and put up enough fight to last for several minutes - enough for Senor Amigo (our caramel colored wether) to decide he wasn't interested in a girl fight anymore.

Our oak trees have all leafed out and apparently taste great - here are Crybaby and Flip (Crybaby has black face and ears) doing their jobs of trimming up trees for us.

Not good focus in this photo but had to show how excited the class of 2010 gets when out feasting, this is Milky Way dancing across the front pasture area.

Learned our goatzees all love oak pollen tassles which are piled up all over the place - this year's pollen is one of those records nobody really wanted to set - eyes and nose itch continually.

Early in the mornings I've been letting the goats out in front area - driveway and around front of our house - they do an excellent job of weed control and seem to be eager to get to work.

Bluebonnets - state flower of Texas and always a big deal when they bloom - picture was taken as we drove along interstate highway 30 coming home from clinic in Fort Worth - purdy aren't they?
So this is a blog post - things are well on Buhlaland just mind isn't working in the writing gear. Trust you are blessed today with the sight of spring flowers, happy healthy young critters (whether two or four legged) and the knowledge the Lord God made us all.


Lanny said...

Looks like you have Blogger's Block of Blue, Blue Bonnets that is! How pretty is that! Thanks for checkin' in even when you've just got pics! Sometimes I can't even muster that, so thanks.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Ah Lanny girl - the little goat eating pollen tassles is Lantana also known as Lannie! Thank you for stopping by -

Wobegon Cottage said...

The kidlings are soo, sooo cute. I bet they are great to watch and see their personalities come to life. I love seeing wild flowers or any beautiful plant life along the highway. We are taking a road trip in September to Washington State (my hometown)It should be pretty with Fall foliage. (I hope)

KathyB. said...

I like the "Milky Way Dance"! Who says pics of goats are cheating? Some of us think they're wonderful postings. Happy Sunday to you and Skip on Buhl -A' Land~

Brandi said...

Aren't the Bluebonnets lovely this year?! I have been so anxious for them to bloom this year!

I understand the bloggers block! I have had it a while now!

Vickie said...

Hey Linda Sue - How'd the trip to Ft Worth go? Been thinkin' about you and Skip.

I just love your goats. They are so cute. Watching the kids must be so much fun - I don't know how you could get anything else done during the day when you have kids!
Wish I could get me a few goats to come and clean up all the oak and hackberry pollen doobers all over my yard and garden!

Bluebonnets are lovely, aren't they! Lucky Texas!

Anonymous said...

Linda, pictures say a thousand words! Sometimes, it's just good to let them speak for themselves. Great, entertaining post!

Dani said...

I never saw a goat do a spring dance like that..thanks for posting the joyous! and the blue bonnets are lovely...we don't have much dust and pollen like you do so the laundry should be our summers are smokin hot...the clothes should dry in like 10 minutes or less...will be interesting to say the least!

Sandra said...

Cheat any ole time, loved the photos!