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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lawn care - ecologically sound and fun

It is a good day when we don't have to get out the tractor and work for hours cutting back the various forms of growing grasses, vines and weeds in front of our house. Yesterday was a good day. Warm breezy weather and letting the goats out in the forbidden zone (around the house and driveway). A glad morning of feasting on vegetation.

Lucy liked nibbling off extraneous leaves on small oak trees.
Montana and her daughter Sugar Pie liked working along a retaining wall nibbling soft lawn grass.

Crybaby takes advantage of her height and stands up to prune roses for us.

All in all a good morning on Buhlaland. The vegetation was trimmed back and an added blessing was the goats fertilized our lawn a bit in the process. Yes - it was a good day on Buhlaland.


KathyB. said...

Now that is my kind of day. Watching my animals munch the lawn while enjoying the nice weather..with my hubby of course! What more can a gal ask for, except maybe a back rub and a hot bath before bed! Happy Sunday to you both there in Buhl-a-land!

Lanny said...

What a sweet scene for sure. Your goats must be hightly trained! Anytime some of our barnyarders get into my yard they immediately go for what they are not supposed to.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Y'all don't need to rhapsodize over how nice a day I had watching the goats and that my goats are well behaved. Truth be told - I took pictures while running out on the porch to make sure they hadn't broken through our "temporary" fencing to keep the stinkers off our big front porch and we set sprinklers around plants I don't want eaten to the ground! Crepe myrtles and mountain laurel got a good soaking this day. Good to see my PNW friends drop by - BTW on our way back through our front gates this morning DH had to climb the fence and go release one of the idjit goats from where she'd stuck her head in a fence. Ah livestock - it's what's for dinner - OOPS _ no I'm just kidding

sharilyn said...

what a delightful post! and what a great "use" of your goats! :)