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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Decorator - I'm not

Dear friends - it is Sunday a good day for cleansing the soul. Deep breath and I begin to confess-----I am a crummy decorator. I furnish a house, stick stuff around and go to the kitchen. I am not a person who thinks textures, palette and styles -- if I like something, can afford it or already have it - I stick it somewhere in my house. A sad thing - a childless older woman without style. BUT I approach home decorating the same way I do art or music - I know what I like when I see or hear it!

The picture above is last years pitiful Christmas card display (actually we had cards stuck in the frames of pictures in our foyer also but I didn't take pictures of 'em). Without my clever and craft skilled mother in law this year to be a driving force in even putting UP a tree or decorations we were considering taking a pass on Christmas decor this year.

Bad idea - just like skipping church (which we are doing today due to contagious type colds) when you do it once it becomes so much easier to keep on with a Scroogish attitude about secular Christmas. We'll never get over the awe and joy of the real reason for Christmas - the incarnation of our Lord and Savior. But all the mess and hoopla - bah humbug.

Ta DA - BooMaMa to the rescue. She is sponsoring her annual bloggy tour of homes. Now I have a deadline to decorate, document and declare Merry Christmas to all! December 15th and the challenge is accepted. At the very least, we will be pushed to get the bath tub out of our living room by then! Oh I found a very classy shot incorporating most of our holiday decorating from last year - woo hoo. Will be trying hard to go bigger and better this year - just a warning not to go away too long or you'll be amazed and stunned at my decoratin' mad skillz. The laughter can now commence!
Thinking holidays here on Buhlaland, missing those loved ones who have gone on to glory, planning to invite some folks over for holiday cheer (y'all want to come?). Elections schmections - we are talking holidays now! Woo Hoo - what's that I hear - one of my favorite holiday songs (not religious at all but expresses my heart for sure!) I'm sure we need a little Christmas in our nation and definitely here on Buhlaland - it is GOOD!


teamwilhite said...

you're an odd one Linda Buhl! The video was a little over the top:) it's not even Thanksgiving; didn't you skip a holiday?!!!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Haven't you been in the stores this week and seen many Thanksgiving decorations? T-day isn't commercial enough holiday for the stores besides it will take me at least 4 or 5 weeks to get it together for the 15th of December and with no family - we are guests at someone else's house for T'day! Woo Hoo so yep - I'm not posting plans for Thanksgiving - hey did you just notice I'm odd? sheesh everyone else has known that for years! LOL -

KathyB. said...

Hey, I do appreciate the Christmas spirit now !I just spent the weekend at a Christmas Bazaar, and it was rather uplifting !

As far as the decorating, I think you could actually incorporate the tub in the living room into the Christmas decorating ! You could put your tree IN the tub, or fill it with Christmas balls and presents, or arrange big reindeer around it , and pretend it is the watering trough ! Maybe you could fill it with hay and make it a manger...or....hey, attach a BIG red bow and say it is your present !

What a good idea though, being able to see everyone's Christmas decorating from the comfort of your own home !

LindaSueBuhl said...

KathyB - glad you are home from the Christmas Bazaar with holiday spirit alive. I think your suggestions are wonderful- but I'm such a traditionalist and in my family a tub in the living just isn't traditional. I truly hope to be soaking in said tub long before December 15th! Yes BooMaMa's Christmas Tour last year was so much fun - I didn't participate but decided it was what I needed to do this year to get out of a potential holiday funk. Funk avoidance - I'm all over it! said...

I love Christmas. You've done a lovely job of decorating. We don't decorate until the day after Thanksgiving but we know quite a few people who have their trees up before Thanksgiving. I do, however, get my Christmas cards out the day before Thanksgiving as a rule. In between cooking, I address envelopes and slap on stamps.


LindaSueBuhl said...

I was obviously not clear - the pictures were from last year's decorations (overseen by dear departed Mother in Law). I will begin to decorate around Thanksgiving also - thanks for coming by and leaving comments. I LOVE the cattle you show in your recent blog entry - lovely little critters.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Great video! I love the muppets... I was raised on Sesame Street!!
I can't wait to see your "mad skillz", Linda Sue!

Liz said...

I'm so looking forward to Xmas... but just dreading January when I have to take it all down. How sad is that? said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! You are a love!

You are passing on the crafts and skills you have learned through your blog -- remember that!