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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One of those catching up posts

When working around the apartments we manage, we enjoy seeing Lily's Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary. She enjoys putting more containers out and has a feeder for hummingbirds as well as bird seed for other kinds of birds. A lovely lady and a devoted exterior designer.

Think cactus and an image of prickly, stark growths in the desert come to mind. This week our pastures have been brightened with yellow blooms. Actually seeing blooms proves we have had an unusually lush spring. In drier years our goats eat all the cactus buds before they open.

How is life going for our little Nubian buck, Snickers? Being the only juvenile in the herd is a big disadvantage. Harder than being the only young goat is not having a real mommy - I'm not out with him as much as I was his first month or so. He still races back and forth along the pen gate when he hears me coming at "bottle time" - I'll continue to bottle feed him twice a day to bond him to me - makes him easier to handle. Snickers tries to avoid the big mean does. Snickers was looking for someone to play with or at least to avoid getting clobbered for no reason. In the background is Flip(the chief clobberer) stretching to nibble leaves in a tree. I think Snickers is thinking he'd like to go butt her in her fat belly (not much damage likely since he is hornless). Snick's life isn't all sad - he is growing quickly and often tussles with some of the small older goats. Once he reaches maturity those mean does will be fighting each other to lay next to him in the pens. Ah- not a tough life for him once he grows into his job. (For those who don't keep livestock - Snickers is to be a breeding buck - yep - that's his job).

Even when we have rough spells of weather or personal challenges, God's creation reminds us - we are blessed. I took a picture of our roof with blue skies after dark clouds - exactly how life so often happens right over head here in Buhlaland.

Crank up your speakers and listen to Job's praise - no matter what the situation might be - blessed be the Name.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Yeah, Snickers is having it rough now, but things will be looking up for him, soon! He's a little cutie right now. I love bottle fed babies- but they sure do get spoiled in a hurry!

Brandi said...

My dad has Boer sheep (goats) and we just love to go out and watch the babies. I can only imagine being able to watch and feed them more than once or twice a month.

Dani said...

I really enjoy reading about Snickers and your farm life....excellent photos too.....thanks!

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just love the pictures! Your goats are so cute. Blessings, Kathleen