Authentic Compassion

Monday, May 26, 2008

Coming attractions?

In case any one is stopping by Buhlaland today - I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day taking at least a little time to remember those who have served our country. We are doing work around our place today - DH working on that automatic gate opener. He got the solar panel installed over the weekend. I am not sure which overwhelming task I will accomplish today - weeding garden, ironing, cleaning house or going to Costco. One thing I hope to do is cook something good - so check back later and it might be Tres Leches Cake and some baby back ribs - pretty sure I'll do a squash casserole since my dear friends the Harpers brought us a big bag of summer squash from their garden. Woo Hoo for friends who share! Hope the sun is shining on your personal solar panels today - bless y'all - it is Memorial Day on Buhlaland and we are grateful for a change in our daily work and blessed to be able to enjoy our freedom.


Kelsey Smith said...

Happy Memorial day! What a great project and a great way to conserve energy. I love tres leches cake(I think i just butchered how to spell that haha)

River57 said...

Oh how cool, I've seen those solar gate openers. How did that cake come out and what time should I be over for dinner?? I can't believe you guys are getting squash already!!! It's a month or two away here at least.