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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Staying Busy

It is GREEN here - this oak tree is a favorite of ours - reminding us of that old line "only God can make a tree" - and a mighty fine job He does!

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while now - Praise God we've been busy with real estate and work around the place. First picture is what my" hardest working man in the county" hubby accomplished one morning last week while I stayed in our office to do some paperwork and phone calls. We'd taken down some trees and trimmed limbs and they'd been piled up for a while. With the snake issues this year he decreed it was time to get rid of the brush pile. Rather than burn these large pieces we are pleased to have some firewood cut and stacked for next winter . We are keeping stacked wood further from our house and just bringing up a wheelbarrow at a time when we use the fireplace. Too many insects hide in the wood and many are destructive - with every blessing in the country - you have to use a little sense to avoid the possible problems.

The crepe myrtles here in Texas are stunning this year - with so much rain (another 1.75 inches yesterday) they are growing tall and blooming prolifically. I love this white one - it is close to the native crepe myrtles and has the most beautiful trunks. We also have some raspberry colored ones but they are slower to bloom and a little more finicky about their watering/fertilizing.

You didn't think I'd post without goat pictures did you? When I went out in the pen yesterday the herd wasn't interested in getting out. They are so spoiled by all that green growth from the rain, during the dry season they burst out the gates as soon as we unlatch them. The Lord created these creatures to be food, clothing, companions to us(we don't eat our goats although some are raised for food and sold at market) and with His usual great creativity - He added in complex personalities - some of them are even funny! One shot is of Nubie's "clan" and Flip with her daughter Lucky, standing there demanding some grain. The "goat in a pan" - is the baby of the herd, Boudreaux ,who is one laid back fella! He finds the black heavy feeding dishes just right for sleeping. - they get very hot during the day and he still fits in one if he curls up tightly.

So as you can see - it is all good here in Buhlaland - the Lord provides for us beyond our expectations and gives us enough trial to show us our need to rely fully on Him. Be kind to one another - harsh words wound in ways that never heal.


Pam said...

I just love the little goat in the bucket! He looks like a "kid" (excuse the pun) looking up at you.

Shaun said...

Goat sundae with dish included, now, huh??