Authentic Compassion

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mornings are so COOL

We are early morning people. I had the camera with me and my eyes open to this beauty. From our front porch to God's glory - priceless! No rain this weekend so spousal unit had to mow an area for our pets' comfort and the snakes' discomfort. Enjoy - wish you could have a cup of coffee with us on the porch!
Bless you from buhlaland.


Pam said...

Beautiful! I am naturally a night owl, but when I make the effort to get up early, I am always glad I did!

Shaun said...

Yes, it's gorgeous. I'm always up early- empty tummies on three alarm clocks make sure of that. I love my drive into work (Irving), it's 30 miles but all highway (114). I get to watch the sun rise and, sometimes, a moon set. (contented sigh)