Authentic Compassion

Monday, July 9, 2007


The tongue flicking doe is Flip - current alpha doe in our herd. Although I'm fairly certain she was licking her mouth - that tongue sticking out still looks a lot like her"attitude"! She was a very sweet natured gal - but since we've thinned the herd she is now a serious contender for top gal. Flip is fairly large and is working up that attitude so she bashes into anyone who might be in her way (not me - at least not so far!).
The very similar looking goat is her daughter from 2006 - Lucky. We bottle raised Lucky so she is quite devoted to us -she was a twin - Flip decided to care for the male twin so we raised Lucky Girl.

Last is Boudreaux
Officially granted herd citizenship(we banded him) and he'll stay with us instead of going to market. What a personality! He is our Cajun goat - let the good times roll seems to be his motto.
All the goats are looking good now - they've had the second series of worming and now due for CDT shots. Always something with animals. They definitely are work but it was a real pleasure to go out in the pasture with them for a while this afternoon while they did their job here on Buhlaland.


Pam said...

In the words of my 2-yr-old, they are "soooo cute!"

Shaun said...

Yes, they be cute. I love how they look like goat sundaes. Caramel covered ones. I love goatses and sheepies. I add "es" or "ies" to everything with my Furkids. Sigh. Barucha LOVES ices. (an icecube) But I'm not sure she would know what "ice" was if I asked. ;) Good to see that you are mostly dry now. The Father's love to you, Shaun