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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blue Skies

Last morning of August - picture taken looking north and slightly west from our front drive. Summer has been and soon gone - I don't think I'll feel much regret for this summer. Our major renovation (begun before DH became ill) has turned into a major test of endurance. Combined with our recordbreaking heat in August - well I'm saying adios with no regrets. Just back from getting our flu shots - already available at Walgreen's vaccination clinics. Hoping and planning to have house back in some kind of order before Thanksgiving - would LOVE for this Thanksgiving to be filled with loved ones, family and relaxation. Goats are getting too big to have so many in our little pastures - time to think of who is to be sold. Our dear old Crybaby is showing signs of her age so won't put any stresses on her if possible.
Thinking about friends not seen in years - wonderful gift of the internet is I heard from a dear young woman who worked with me in 2001 - in fact we were at the store together when the planes crashed into the Trade Center. She emailed me last night and we caught up a little on what's happening in our lives. You know - I found my husband on the internet through a personals ad! Proof again the Lord can use anything to His will!
No big news - and that is a good thing on Buhlaland!


Vickie said...

Pretty sky... Linda Sue, I'm about ready for fall, too. These temps and humidities are wearing me down. I'll be glad to send August end.

I do hope you and Skip get to have a houseful this holiday season and that he's feeling Tip-Top! I think of you guys often and hope and pray that things are going well.

How long do goats live? How old was Crybaby when you got her?

Pam said...

I agree with you that I am ready for things to cool down! It isn't quite as hot as it was, and I am thankful! (Before we know it, "heat" will be a distant memory as we complain about the cold!)

Sandra said...

I blinked and August zoomed by! It's less than four months until Christmas and I'm in a dither. So much to do, just to live day to day and pile the holidays on top...make that the Holy Days and things will work out.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Vickie - not sure about Crybaby's age - she was at least 4 or 5 when we bought her (and her triplets!) So we are guessing she is around 11 or 12. Hoping some family can come for holidays but many variables for it to happen.
Pam I think we will like the cooler weather - here in Texas - fall can last until Christmas!
Sandra - living day to day is all we are allowed - can't hold onto yesterday and certainly can't see into tomorrow!

KathyB. said...

A beautiful sky always reminds us to look up, and cooler weather after a heat wave helps lift morale too.September will forevermore be a month our country will remember we are vulnerable, and hopefully some of us will remember nothing but God is a sure thing and lift our eyes and hearts to Him.

So, you found Skip on the internet. The internet is a blessing for sure, I found you on the internet too~a friend, a real, live, praying-for-me friend!I like the internet.

Life IS good on Buhl-a-land. Praise HIM!

Wobegon Cottage said...

What a beautiful sky. I wish I could have shared our skies last camera doesn't do a very good job, they were blue and pink and violet..a light version of purple. Hot and humid summers can be hard on us more mature women. Winter is long here but humid summers are getting hard for me to take. Hope you get to enjoy your family this holiday season.

Lanny said...

Good to hear that you survived your heat and reconstruction. We had our moments of heat here but they were only moments. A bit drier on the surface than usual perhaps but the ponds and ground water are still higher than we expect. We are looking forward to fall too. It is our favorite time of the year with September being one of our favorite months.