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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh Susannah

Susannah - daughter of Montana who is the daughter of Hannah daughter of Crybaby. Sweet little Susannah is the smallest of the Class of 2010 on Buhlaland. On the right you see a picture of very feisty and rowdy kids - you do not see Susannah in this picture.

Here is Susannah - within a few minutes of her birth - she has been cleaned up and able to nurse so now resting to get energy after an abrupt and probably frightening entry into the world.

Susannah likes to "hang out" with her mama - Montana isn't the best mom in our little herd but she is all Susannah knows.

Montana has a year old daughter from Class of 2009 - we broke the cutesy pattern of names in 2009 - little doe's name is Sugar Pie (as in Sugar Pie Honey Bunch - you know that I love you) Sugar Pie is a tad jealous of mama's attention being given to intruder Susannah - as in the family portrait where she tries to unceremoniously push Susannah out of the picture!

Susaannah's closest kid pal is Milky Way - Milky is a rowdy girl but seems to calm down and be just friends with Susannah.

Amigo on the other hand irritates Susannah - a lot!

In the chute where we feed the Class of 2010 additional grain to help them grow big and strong - Susannah occasionally has a struggle pushing in for her share - the look on her face says it all "hey - do something about these greedy guts!"

But we're sure she'll be happy in the herd - with Milky Way around she knows she's got a friend.

Soon the Class of 2010 will reach an awkward stage where cuteness isn't their primary attribute - until then - we are clicking pictures and loving us some babies - when Susannah lets us catch her and nuzzles us - it is GOOD on Buhlaland.


Debbie said...

I'd just like to give that little 'Suzanna' a hug. She sure is a cutie. But then they all are. Ok, I'd just like to spend a day with the bunch:)

KathyB. said...

Oh Susannah, you make me want my Nubies back! She is a goat with personality plus as far as the camera is concerned, and her petite size enables her to stand out and get attention. I bet she is the one little goat anyone visiting will always point out and comment on.

Life truly is good there on Buhl-a-land~

LindaSueBuhl said...

Debbie - you know I'd make sweet tea and a nice lunch for us - come on by.
Kathy - she really is (to borrow a term from Vicktory Farm ) smoochy!

Vickie said...

Awww, Susannah, you make me want some goatbabies! And you're so cute with all your little fuzzy spots!

Looks like a good crop of kiddos this year Linda Sue! How will you ever part with them???

Yes, I really enjoyed my day in Granbury! I've been there before, but it was nice to just piddle by myself!

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just the cutest! Blessings,Kathleen

Anna Colleen said...

I like the top pic and the bottom, well they're all cute, I love goats.