Authentic Compassion

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birds and the Bees - no not that talk!

Cheating here - the bee picture was taken April, 2009 - no active bees yet but I needed at least one bee picture to do with the oh so innovative (or not)blog post title.

During a walk down to our front gate this morning with camera slung around my neck.
Saw these two little twitters hanging off an oak tree's bare branches - took several tries to catch a picture. Much jumping back and forth on branches and total unwillingness to stay still long enough for decent focus - one discovery about birds and bees - neither really gives a hoot (no owl pictures here) about cooperating with people.

In a heavily budded up tree - two birds not of a feather were sitting together. Robin apparently didn't realize tree was already claimed so sat there for quite some time before moving along.

Took separate pictures just in case they both flew off at same time - but apparently me being on the other side of a fence and using zoom feature of camera didn't bother the birds as much as being close upset little ones. I'd be using species names - but other than the robin I haven't a clue. Like art appreciation - I may not understand the intricacies but I know what I like - and on a spring Sunday morning walk - I truly appreciate the variety and beauty our Creator made in our world.


Mary Humphrey said...

Beautiful, Linda Sue. A perfect reminder to enjoy the beautiful nature that our heavenly father provides.

Debbie said...

We only have one robin. One. I just hope he hangs around! Patiently waiting.

slsommer said...

These are great px, Tex!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Mary and Debbie - we are covered up with robins - so pleasant to watch. Susan - thanks for coming by!

Dani said...

I know what you mean about photographing birds..we have some tiny ones that are here but they don't sit still long enough to identify...wren size....