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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Horns and hides

Wanted to return to our excursion on Saturday - to the ITLA show. Our neighbor and his two teenagers showed animals and they did well. First picture is Big Jo (the son) and his dad fluffing Gladiator's tail getting ready to show. According to what they told us, there is great emphasis on the animals being as natural as possible (well not all the poo and mess usually on an animal at pasture), size of horns (or on younger animals the horn base size showing potential) as well as overall conformation are important. The colors are so varied I wanted to share some of the pictures with you.
The rather distant shot of the show ring and judging includes cow/calf exhibitors - the small calf is two days old! Was born at the show and accompanies the cow during the showing on a small soft halter - although after a few minutes the calf was worn out decided to lay down. Young exhibitor had to carry the calf for the judging!

Next is a good sized set of horns - and interestingly enough this steer was from Maryland!

A few shots of "backstage" - a place you have to be careful when taking pictures - I made sure my flash was off, some of the animals are new to being shown and a little nervous. You do not want animals weighing a ton or more being nervous! Another cow and calf - taking it easy.

The steer with it's back to us is an unusual color the exhibitors said is called gorilla colored. Most people like multi or speckled coloration on their longhorns but I though this one looked like a weimaraner mutation!

The big brindle is the last I'll put up - impressive animal all the way around - if you want to know more about what is desirable or the history of long horns this link tells quite a bit.

Blog posts totally different this week - but on Buhlaland we are blessed with friends and neighbors who bring love, challenges and variety to our lives. It is Good on Buhlaland today - especially since the furnace is working (chilly in Tejas today!) And That's No Bull! (lame joke - I know!)


Debbie said...

Thanks so much for the brief taste of home. I LOVE long horned cattle. I think they are just so much a part of Texas history. Once in awhile I see a few in the Midwest, but not often.
Little calves look so sweet. I guess those big guys can have good manners, although they look so intimidating!

LindaSueBuhl said...

The cattle seemed to reflect the owners/handlers - one family was so odd and out of control - surprise surprise their heifer nearly stomped some people! You do have to be cautious - those horns are big, heavy and can be moved quickly by a full grown animal.

Vickie said...

I want to have at least a couple of longhorns on my farm when we get out there. I love 'em. They are so "texas". My kids got to ride a longhorn a few years ago in Fort Worth. They thought it was great fun!

Thanks for sharing your photos. I love to go to the fair and look at all the livestock. That and eat funnel cake. Don't do rides anymore.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I have always thought these majestic creatures are so beautiful! We are suppose to get a cold front in tomorrow. Stay warm! blessings,Kathleen

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Now, that's a LOT of bull!

Sorry, couldn't resist -smile-.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Y'all with a last name of Buhl in Texas -we've been called Mr and Mrs Bull quite often - with longhorn shows - there is a LOT of bull and heifer and steer and with the exhibitors even more bull! Glad everyone is enjoying these distinctive cattle.

KathyB. said...

I think the Long Horns are beautiful and impressive. When they are exhibited here they always draw a crowd. I like the brown spotted bulls the best, and the calves are heart-melting.

A chilly day in Texas sounds like a good day for chili-With beef!

Lanny said...

Hey hopped over here to catch up and say hi, but then got a phone call, now I gotta come back later. Kiss Kiss hug hug.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow- those are some beautiful creatures, Linda Sue! Those horns are a little intimidating, to say the least!

LindaSueBuhl said...

KathyB - any day is a good day for chili! Lanny - you are in a whirl this year - thank you both for stopping by
Paula - they are intimidating - like any large livestock you have to be aware of what you are doing around them - we don't keep 'em and wouldn't but our beloved neighbor thinks his cattle are just sweet - yeah - well not when I'm downwind of 'em!