Authentic Compassion

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Peachy Keen

I'm not a great gardener - I like to garden and my favorite part of gardening would be watering my garden on warm summer mornings. We would be hard pressed to survive on what I am able to harvest from my gardening endeavors. When we first moved onto Buhlaland we industriously planted an "orchard" - 5 or 6 fruit trees guaranteed to be good for this area. The peach blossom you are seeing ---- is not from one of those trees.
Our little orchard was stone cold dead in less than 12 months - I'd picked a spot with clay in the soil, easy access for deer (who like to nibble tender young trees ----to death!) and difficult to keep watered sufficiently. DH dug a trench and ran a water line up to the orchard but it was a case of too little too late.
Being an optimistic soul by choice and inclination - I blew another thirty dollars on a genetic dwarf peach tree. It is an itty bitty thing, but has made it through a winter in our yard and actually has the appearance of being alive in a thriving sense of the word.
well WOO HOOO! If we harvest this year from the tiny twig looking peach tree - they will be the most expensive peaches we have ever eaten. Hope they taste great! It is drought level dry around North Texas right now so I'm thinking, hoping, praying rain. Rain encouragement will extend to washing cars today and making plans to be outside Sunday - do you think my program will work?

Very quiet worship video - I love the words - here on Buhlaland it is good when it rains down - we are asking for physical and spiritual showers.


Lanny said...

Education is very expensive isn’t it? I will be praying for rain for you. As much as we get I can tell we haven’t gotten our usual dose, our ponds are not nearly as full as they usually are this time of year. In March and February I am normally fighting with the beavers who insist on causing my pumpkin patch to be under water.
Dirt swears by the carwash rain dance. Well, for him it is the “truck wash”, cars around here are redheaded step children, annoying realities, not worthy of a washing.

KathyB. said...

Today I was thinking about how low our pond is for this time of year and as we drove past Lanny's newly plowed pumpkin patch I noticed it is not under water, its' usual state this time of year. Although it is snowing, blowing and raining , it seems not enough yet.

Drought in weather and spirit....yes, Lord, rain down on us your Spirit and your rain!