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Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Blog on List

I added this blog tonight after reading about Deborah Drapper on the Rebelution website. If you have wonderful kids - read her blog and smile about meeting another wonderful kid. If you don't have wonderful kids - read her blog and maybe you'll find inspiration to pursue new ways of communication. I appreciate the Rebelution motto "Do Hard Things" and Deborah Drapper definitely does hard things with enthusiasm. Besides - she posts pictures of her family animals-- bunnies and goats --- you cannot go wrong with goat pictures in my book!


KathyB. said...

You're right, you cannot go wrong with animal pics...goats and bunnies are great. Will check out the blog.

I think I live by that motto: " do hard things", bless you and your husband Linda Sue!

Sophie said...

How funny! I ordered the book a couple weeks ago, and just started reading it--Do Hard Things. I haven't really gotten into it yet, but I'm sure it'll be good. have you read it?

Lanny said...

LindaSue, I was going to leave you a note and then go look but I reversed that. Went to a link she had to a newspaper article and it dove tails nicely into what I was going to mention.

My family and I are in the middle of listening to the "Little Britches Series" by Ralph Moody. It is an autobiography and begins in 1906 when he was eight and his family moved to Colorado to ranch.

It is tale after tale of family hardship and success. As a boy, Ralph actually helps the family survive on the ranch and then in town. He does hard work, is glad to do it and when he works for others for pay the pay goes to the family.

He gets in trouble, it isn't a fairytale, but when he gets in trouble his father and then his mother (father dies at the end of the first book just when he turns eleven)talk very straight with him about who they expect him to be. Some incredible lines in there.

The parenting would be unheard of today. And even as close as the twenties in the progressive cities some of the parenting was being questioned and the type of parenting spoken of in the article began to creep in and we began to pump out children from good parents but questionable character themselves.

Well I've chit chatted long enough I suppose. Up late again and in need of coffee. Just wanted to finish up where I left off last night.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Kathy - I think if we follow the Lord - we DO hard things. Worth every second of it but still hard. Sophie - no I don't have the book - I'm definitely not their target audience - being 61 rather than 16 but the philosophy and work they put into their ministry makes me believe the future generations have real hope. Lanny - what can I say - I love the fact that we find people who actually love their children enough to discipline them. Decent manners, respect for others, knowing when too much is exactly that - too much! all are not taught in the schools now (sorry if I'm stepping on toes but when one doesn't have children you do have time to observe children) and parents are afraid of their own kids. The Lord disciplines those He loves - so I think the logic should be - IF you love someone you help them learn the rules/guidelines/boundary markers of a responsible life. Whew- I'm dizzy up here on the soap box. Climbing down now - thanks for the honest comments - from our lips to God's ears.