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Friday, December 26, 2008

Day After Christmas

83 degrees today - yes I am writing this post on December 26 2008. I love Texas! After some unusually cold days we are getting unseasonably warm -I just love it.

Winds out of the south bring moisture and warmth which creates heavy cloud cover.
At one point the sun seemed to pull open a peep hole in the clouds to reassure us he was on the job.

Snickers, has a longer winter coat. He is almost a year old so he still hasn't reached his full growth. Little fellow will still come when I call him but he is less my little bottle baby and more a buck goat.

Norman, my favorite doe, is beginning to look more like she will be having a baby within the next month. Her daughter Yo Yo is also looking quite ready to give birth - we think she'll be a good mother like her mother and grandmother (Nubiana). I'm posting mundane thoughts and sights as a reminder to myself - today was a simple day filled with laundry, cleaning ,making soup, tending to some business and then I spent an hour outside. Outside with a warm, humid wind and our animals in God's creation. Mundane perhaps but for me it was way more than good today on Buhlaland, a blogging friend might say it was wicked good! I answered a question on a religion blog about when we worship for Christmas - and my honest response was if we are in relationship with God - our lives are supposed to be worship. Worship on Buhlaland occurred with calm joy around 11 am December 26, 2008.


KathyB. said...

You are so right about worship! I can worship while watching my chickens, serving the abundance of food God has provided, and washing dishes...all the while being so grateful for the food that dirtied the dishes and loved ones who ate a meal with us~

I just love days with nothing more to do than clean up around here, watch my animals, read, reflect, and appreciate all He has given us!It is still cold and snowy here in WA though, I do enjoy winter days like this too! said...

Amen! I feel so close to God when I am watching the chickens peck about and the kids running to see how many eggs we have for the day. the praise comes so easily then -- a fluid and natural thing.

Merry Christmas (a little late) and thank you for not giving up on me with my lack of active communication!


Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi, just loved looking at your sweet goats. Good to see the weather has been good for you. Thanks for telling me about the flower stitchery you would like to see. I agree, and I am working on wildflowers to stitch. Blessings, Kathleen

Sandra said...

Found your lovely blog via Kathy at Cedar Pond. Your blog name is fabulous; have really enjoyed my visit. Merry Christmas!

Juri said...

I just love your blog! I have found that in the early morning hours, when I go out to feed my goats, watching the sun come up, feeling the calm and beauty of all God created....I truly do worship and feel so close to God, the creator! Wishing you a very happy New Year!