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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eating my words will be easier than my bread

I'll make something else. I made a loaf of pannier - which I must assume is a fancy word for moist and heavy cakey bread. So I won't be posting a pannier recipe here. Here is a picture of the loaf - little green specks are bits of chopped fresh rosemary. The shape of the loaf is unfortunate, it might have looked better baked in slightly smaller pan but as we say around Buhlaland - that's the way the pannier crumbles.

Here is a hint on what I will be doing as a substitute, correct guess could be a stretch for most of you but maybe it is enough hint. NO it isn't ham!
Love to keep you guessing - we'll be cooking and posting soon here on Buhlaland. Right now we are praying for those in the path of Hurricane Ike which includes us. Ike should be a tropical storm or just a very heavy rain and wind when it reaches North Texas but still preparing for possibility of electrical outages.
Keeping it real here on Buhlaland and enjoying the results of a day spent cleaning the kitchen (Murphy's Oil Soap smells SOOOOO good). Next I attack the master bath and bedroom - woo hoo! Housecleaning is my life (that is sooooo not true).

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Brandi said...

I will be praying for all in Ike's path. Frank may have to go work the storm recovery and that is scary too! He will be driving INTO the storm!