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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ever think things are just a little "off"?

I was deleting some picture files and stopped at this one. It is of a bathtub in a rental unit we manage - look closely at the drain and the faucet - yep - off by a good bit! Glad to have my perception of the apartment confirmed by a picture - t'ain't straight. Reading and hearing from our western culture that I am wrong in my beliefs for many years now - I am becoming cautious about stating firmly - "this is SO". One friend and I decided our lives must be part of a fable. Remember the Emperor's New Clothes ? Much of the world is nekkid as a jaybird and seems compelled to declare my insistence on truth old fashioned, ignorant or only looking at one truth. If you have a drain that is not aliged with the faucets by a good ten inches don't tell me it is my perception. The Bible tells me people will call good evil and evil will be called good. Deciding to call a lie the truth still doesn't make it true!
An illustration I heard when living in Vermont was that being born in Vermont doesn't make a person a Vermonter. A cat could have kittens in the oven but that don't make'em muffins.
It is good in Buhlaland, blessed beyond belief and truly tired already of the pundits, news media and candidates - it is a LONG time until November y'all. I'm going back outside and tend my tomatoes. Curmudgeoning along the way - I won't be like this later on - simply letting it get posted because maybe someone else is seeing a Naked Emperor.

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Dani said...

I like your illustration...we had a pastor once tell us that there will come the day when right is wrong and wrong is right...we are sick of all the politics too and have turned off the TV or watch reruns of old shows. Cancelled the paper too except on the weekends as we like the Sunday comics and coupons.