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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chance to shop and do good!

Hey Bloggy readers?blogospherites - I never know what to call y'all so I'll just call you friends of the bloggy persuasion. Anyhoo - just saw a neat opportunity to act quickly and do a VERY good deed. Rachel is preparing to do foster parenting and needs some help in the preparing supplies department. Shouldn't be expensive (little kiddos and their clothes aren't all that costly when we are talking warm weather and small children) and I doubt even UPS charges would be much. PUHLEEEZZEEEEEE zip over there - read her nifty posting and DO IT. Just click on her name and you'll go to her blogsite. You'll be blessed and if we can't help somebody with a little giftie here and there - well life just gets too boring don't you think? Here in Buhlaland we are planning a boy and a girl gift bag and will take pictures before we send it off. It is good to be spontaneous and sounds like Rachel and her husband are just the kind of folks I'd want to be caring for some little ones. How about you? Okey dokey - I have to get back to work ASAP - showing property late this afternoon (yes it will be 100 degrees ) so need to be organized before I get out there.


Kelsey said...

Done Done and Done! THanks for bringing this to my attention!

grandma's quilt said...

Thanks,I will try to do something!

Farm Chick Paula said...

It sounds like a really good thing she is doing!

Razor Family Farms said...


We were going to be foster parents but decided to just adopt from the State instead.

There is such a huge need for both foster and adoptive parents! You rock, Rachel!


LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm so grateful for your open hearts - Lacy - woo hoo on the adoption! I'm about to head out to shop a bit and get the things in a package and outta here. Being a great procrastinator - now is better than later. Thank you again - it is fun to do something good.

Rachel said...

thanks everyone! how encouraging!!

razor family-- Adoption is a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!