Authentic Compassion

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm no Alex Trebek or Ken Jennings

Alex, the question is Why do you click on this link and spend $10? Jeopardy answers could be: because you love them, because God tells us to , because you feel guilty sometimes about all you have and how little they have, because it is the right thing, because you can.
Aiding children in poverty might not be a great category for a TV game show. Compassion International is giving us all an opportunity to help children in countries with serious malaria problems. Try it - you'll be blessed and what is ten dollars? It coud be a life - Please watch the video at Bite Back and your heart will grow.Would have been a lot more effective if I'd put in the link to Bite Back Sorry -


Kelsey Smith said...

Compassion is a great program I am so glad to sponsor a little girl through them! I will definitely be donating to this!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Ended up with a few more mosquito nets donated through this blog - thank you and God Bless your generous hearts. You can never be too generous - just cannot outgive God.