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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog much? - no not really

Headless chicks, lazy bloggers, crashed hard drives - yep - sounds like the end of times to me. Not making light of the world's pains - headless chick was in fact a source of laughter - friends' delightful 2 year old bit off foil wrapped chicken head, swallowed and was ready to take on another centerpiece chocolate creature when we realized what was happening.

We are continuing to have some computer issues - hard drive crashed on DH's computer several weeks ago,bought a new computer - still working through problems.

Enough - spring sprung upon us -wild plums in back pasture are struggling with drought conditions here in North Texas.

Wish I could claim it was foreknowledge of drought which resulted in my sad pictureof the fabulous spring tulip display -- fabulous display is sprouting just fine - in the bag in which it was purchased not in a cleverly designed container. Good intentions so not a fabulous display of flowering spring bulbs create!

Keeping it real here! I started this blog post last week so am truly a Pro at crastinating.

Began to blog May 17, 2007 -a total of 414 entries ago! I entered blog posts frequently in previous years, now working to maintain even occasional blog activity. Our lives continue in new normal of oxygen concentrators, medications, doctors, caring for our home, work while always appreciating our time together.

David Jeremiah this morning " Not a day goes by when our plans aren't changed by circumstances beyond our control. Natural disasters, house or car repair problems, unexpected illness, traffic jams on the freeway, a friend or neighbor with an emergency need, unforeseen time demands at work—the list goes on. The question is, “Can we trust that God is in those unforeseen delays, diversions, and distractions?”A rarely-read, single verse in Exodus (13:17) tells how God led the newly-freed Hebrew nation into the Sinai Desert instead of around the southeast “corner” of the Mediterranean Sea into the Promised Land. Why? So the Hebrews wouldn't encounter the Philistines who inhabited that region, be attacked, and flee back to Egypt for safety. The Hebrews grumbled loud and long about the Sinai sand and sun, but at least they were alive. If they had met the Philistines, they might have been slaughtered.Next time your path is changed unexpectedly, trust by faith that God is in it and that the change was for a good reason (Romans 8:28)..

Trust in recognizing path changes as provision for us --goodness knows we've had some abrupt path changes in our recent history. Ought to teach me something - perhaps don't slam on the brakes and hit the steering wheel in anger? Would be smarter to go to my knees in prayer and gratitude (slowly 'cause having problems with a knee -- by now laughing at myself- ain't one thing it is another). Still able to laugh at ourselves (and two year old chicken head biting friends!) so it is good here on Buhlaland - spring is sprung! Love y'all - lack of posting isn't a lack of caring.


Lanny said...

Aww I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just knowin'. Knowin' that you're keepin' keepin' on and that you can laugh, chuckle and chortle at yourself, and heck, others as well. Life is good. And thanks by the way of clearin' that whole crastinatin' thing up. I knew I was a pro at somethin' in my life. What would we do with out the fine art of crastin to be pros at eh? I knew that it wasn't really a fatal flaw because it had the prefix pro, and my mom always said that pro as a prefix means "for" or a postive. How could a positive be so very negative. Besides it always seems to pay off far more than much of anything else! Procrastinate a job, and soon the job will prove itself unneccessary, how great is that!

LindaSueBuhl said...

glad I could send along warm fuzzies - pro can also mean professional - so I'm think professional crastinator - now THAT is a profession more practiced than most admit!

KathyB. said...

LindaSue, I needed this post. I especially appreciate the quote by David Jeremiah. I know in my heart that God is in control and He has allotted us 24 hours a day, yet I seem to forget all I need to do should easily be done in the time He has given, with plenty of time for rest and reflection too. Yet I fill my life with so much that I end up tired and frazzled.

Thank-you friend.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Oh Kathy - we all try to put 10 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket and frantically try to catch the overflow in a sieve. At least that's my view this morning -about 6 gulps shy of my first cup of coffee becoming consumed! Bless you friend - you and Lanny both have very busy families and lives - but He does say - Be Still and Know -- apparently a post it note on the computer doesn't count?

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Isn't David Jeremiah just the best?! He's such a man of God and Godly wisdom and love the quote. Ah, yes...a new normal, daily, keeps us on our toes, eh? Sometimes I'd rather just stay in bed though. Like this morning. Last night I took a pill to sleep and it takes soooo long to wear off. I'm not sure it's worth the morning but in the night, oh yeah!
You and Skip are tucked into prayer; God holds you, Skip, us in His mighty hand and bless Him forever.

Anonymous said...

LindaSue, good to read you again. Oh, how I relate today! I'm another pro at 'crastinating, and my mental to-do list is slowing fading away...Think I'll grab a nap... :)

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

The headless chocolate chick made me chuckle. Hope your computer troubles get better! blessings,Kathleen

Paula said...

Okay, Linda Sue- the headless chiken scared the wits out of me for a minute... but I quickly recovered. *grin*
So sorry about your computer problems... we think we can live without them- until they crash, then it suddenly becomes a source of major frustration! LOL
I loved David Jeremiah's words- and the fact that you can still laugh at life's moments!

Deanna said...

Hello from kansas.
Blessings to you.

I chuckled at the headless chicken, but the foil part made me hurt! The chocolate made it all taste good. grins.

May you have a sweet day.
God bless,

Kelly said...

Poor little chick. Who said the foil had to be removed? I guess it would make a difference when it passed. Nice to hear from you. Life has a way of taking us away from the things we would rather do. Keep faith and keep in touch when you can. We love hearing from you.