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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something Different for Me

If you have looked around on this blog page - you've seen the small Compassion International banner and a link to their website. I got an opportunity to serve at a local event for Compassion. Christian recording artist, Adam Paul Williams, was doing a concert and Compassion presentation at a local church - they needed a couple of people who were sponsors to work the booth. Skip would have been terrific at this but definitely not able to go in that kind of crowd. You see the fun and interesting other volunteer, Martha, standing inside our booth area with Adam Paul and his wife Kelly and the host church music ministry director setting up in first picture.

Then we have the completed display - the large banner is the artist and his compassion sponsored child - picture taken about a year ago when he visited Guatemala. Also seen is the adorable child of Mr. and Mrs. Williams - and no I am not in any of the pictures - didn't think to ask someone to take one of me in the group!

I was blown away by the beautiful voice and worshipful nature of Adam Paul Williams. Have added a link to his website and I hope the embedded link will play a little of one of his recordings. Had such a great time telling people about the blessing of sponsoring a child through Compassion and the work Compassion does with over one million children around the world. Wanted to share this with y'all - it is good on Buhlaland to know our two little guys in Bangladesh are cared for with the help of such a wonderful organization. Enough effusiveness - we are blessed so abundantly - being able to share it is absolutely the cherry on the sundae of our lives!


Lanny said...

That was real nice to listen to. Thanks and thanks for your service.

I love your banner picture by the way. There is something very captivating about the sweet little brown goat.

Paula said...

Wow~ he is awesome, Linda Sue! Enjoyed his singing so much!
I agree with Lanny... LOVE the new banner with the sweet little goat!

Vickie said...

Adam sure has a nice voice. And such a great ministry! Thank YOU, Linda Sue, on behalf of people everywhere. I know Skip would be out there and you two would be jumping into serving with all 4 feet. Thanks for sharing this link!

Your little goat is smiling!

KathyB. said...

I love your header photo!

You are the second blog I have read tonight sharing the words and news of Compassion International, and I am very interested in them and what they are doing . Thank-you LindaSue.I love seeing and knowing the passion you and Skip have for our Lord and what He has led you to, and I also believe this is something God has led me to, for we know His ways are mysterious and He brings us together in Him.

Wobegon Cottage said...

That has to be the cutest photo of your "kids". This is a new ministry I have not heard about before, thank you for the information

A. Joy said...

You're right, being able to share is a blessing and still free too! It reminds me of a song I learned in Good News Club when I was little " Come, and let me tell you, what the Lord has done for me!"