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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kindness -

Be kind to yourself. God thinks you’re worth His kindness. And He’s a good judge of character. Max Lucado

Explanation - this says I wrote it on November 4th - but in reality - I wrote the title and the Max Lucado quote the 4th - then shelved the whole thing until today - November 20th - shameful behavior - I'm a PRO at crastination.

With a theme of self kindness - I am not groveling in guilt or posturing in pain - simply sharing in simplicity.

I am not blogging regularly - whether motivation or hesitation or gestation (oops not that word) or even aggravation - the end result is my 400th blog post is about being kind.

Pondering why it is easy to be kind to total strangers (giving to charities, praying for people unknown to me, supporting children in far off lands) yet often hard to be kind to my self or those dearest to me?
Now don't mistake my statement for a proclamation of being totally sacrificial or never self indulgent -would not be a truth.

I have enough of the old legalism in my system to believe I need to castigate myself for old wrongs, dredge up events which have long since become dusty ancient history or remind myself - you may have done something nice this time - but you KNOW how you are. Well - doubt I'll change all those years of programming but I do know - staying in touch with my internet, blogosphere world is important enough I want to be holding up my end of the deal.

Next week I'm off work (from wonderful job at acupunct's office) and celebrating one of the best holidays of the year. Thanksgiving - yep - I can DO thanksgiving. I'm giving thanks this year for so many gifts - hard to number but I begin with this prayer:

We bless the Lord, the just, the good, who fills our hearts with joy and food; who pours His blessing from the skies, and loads our days with rich supplies.
Isaac Watts

Amen - our rich supplies aren't listed with turkey, yams and butter - we are supplied with what really matters - good beginning to my week of Thanksgiving.

399 blog posts - what a LOT of words - hope some of them have given you hope, peace or at least a smile. We always have the goats on Buhlaland to give us a smile!


Lanny said...

Hey ho, good words. Procrastination and self-smackin' hard stuff put in the same package, how do I know, let me count the ways!

You have yourself a right good Thanksgiving. And I hope to see photos of your celebration of thanksgiving to the Lord!

We draw ours out for days. Early on in marrying off daughters I decided that the specific day didn't matter all that much, besides the original feast was a three day-er.

Sandra said...

Kindness is always in season and right on target! Happy posting from me to you.