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Friday, August 22, 2008

Mission: almost impossible

Update - newsflash, hotflash and Flash Gordon! Woo Hoo - Lacy's comment sparked a brainstorm on Buhlaland, DH agreed that an external hard drive would be more useful than a stack of disks. SOOO - off to Office Depot we went - found what we thought was a pretty good deal on 320 Gigabyte unit - AND TA DA I have now transferred the picture files which were logging down my blogging - to the hard drive. Mission ALMOST accomplished - simply did not label everything but it is organized way better. Half done is good in filing and laundry - not at all good in cakes or cookies! Just wanted to keep it real here in Buhla-blogga-land! Love y'all - and appreciate your support in the neverending war against total disarray in Linda Sue's computer (and life? NAW!)

Soundtrack is optional - feel free to turn off the volume if you get irritated by music background for my blog post today - I personally thought it added substance to a somewhat paltry entry to the blogosphere!

My DH and his sweet mom gave me a better digital camera last winter so I make an effort to take pictures every day. My theory of taking pictures is a bit like my outlook on eating a good dessert . . . more is better thinking if I take a lot of pictures at least some are worth keeping.

All that rambling done - my computer files are about to become completely unnavigable, unsearchable and I fear at some point - inaccessible. This week I am committed to learning how to transfer all my older files to dvd's with appropriately descriptive labeling for each and every entry. Yeah right - anyhow - in going through the files I found some pictures I wanted to share. The shot of bright pink cactus blooms was taken some time ago, the cactus and planter were given to me by my Aunt Dorothy - cactus from her home at Lake Whitney. The cactus has totally outgrown the sturdy concrete container. We were given several bird baths (thanks Tom and Mary)and converted one bath into a cactus planter. One could say we are too frugal to buy a new planter but I prefer to believe we are being "green" minded - reduce,reuse and recycle y'all.

I like the way it turned out. Ok that's it folks - all this build up for three little pictures and my promise to organize files. I'll be back (said totally without an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent!) It is good in Buhlaland - especially since we got over 8 inches of rain this week!

Oh hey - I forgot to tell you the impossible part about this mission is number one trying to label literally hundreds of pictures and two - sitting still long enough to do the transfer and labeling. I'm posting about it figuring I'll be embarrassed if I don't accomplish this task!


KathyB. said...

I know what you mean about the computer files ! Since I started blogging I have been downloading several pictures every day and I have rows of files to look up...I am still learning so much about the computer and how to download, file, retrieve, and I DO have a life outside of blogging and my computer. Maybe one day I will be as ambitious as you and learn how to transfer my files ....

But then we can look at it this way, we are pursuing ongoing education ! We are becoming computer savvy and literate !We are women of today AND the future.

And, I like the cactus photo ! Thanks for sharing and also for visiting my blog . KathyB.

KathyB. said...

P.S. As I looked at your older postings I see you have Nubian goats. I had a flock of Nubies for a number of years and I loved them. I think they are the prettiest goats, and I really do like the way they need to be in your face and in your business all the time ! I milked my Nubians for a few years, and made some cheese and soap from their milk. I especially mis having Nubians in the spring when the kids were born. They were so cute it hurt ! KathyB.

Dani said...

Linda, we must be on the same page as I've been going through my computer too, cleaned up many files, deleted things I don't if ever use, etc. did the defragment and clean up program (I have Windows XP )...the computer seems happier, running faster and now I can actually find what I am looking blog posting goes so much faster and when I work on my store listings, they are quicker too...what a difference! Good luck to you getting yours straightened will make a big difference..

Farm Chick Paula said...

I've had some computer problems lately, Linda Sue... I haven't been backing up lately either..(BIG mistake) so I lost some very important stuff. *sigh* I love computers. (Ack)
Good luck on all the labeling...

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I feel the same way about pictures being like a good dessert! It's wonderful you are using your computer for transfering files and the like. I have found that I can learn something new every day when it comes to the computer. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Kathleen said...

What a neat planter!

Photos are my best friends and worst enemies. I need to transfer them to disks but am WAY too lazy. Josh bought me an external hard drive from Ebay.