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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Elius then and now

Bipul first picture and now - our boys are growing so fast!

"What Would Jesus Do" a slogan on bumper stickers, jewelry, shirts, coffee mugs and banners, WWJD in a multitude of places . I know a definite answer to that question - Jesus would be smack dab, totally in the middle of the poorest of the poor children. Compassion International is working as Jesus with skin on in the world. Pictured are our children through Compassion. Elius and Bipul live in Bangladesh. The serious young man in blue long pants has been ours for a year longer than Bipul. Elius has a hardworking mother, his father died over a year ago. Bipul's parents placed him with someone so he could go to the Christian center in their town and they traveled as itinerant workers. For less than the cost of going out for pizza and a movie ($32/month each) God has changed their lives, they are getting an education, medical care and learning about Christ. We get letters regularly - usually with drawings of animals or plants and lots of questions about how we live. They pray for us , you can't imagine the persistence with which we pray for them. The world in which they live is as different from the United States as earth is from Mars. Bangladesh is a primarily Muslim country, one of the poorest countries of the world and afflicted with frequent severe flooding. But they have hope - realistic hope through a simple arrangement done very well.
Compassion International is sponsoring a blogging trip this week to Uganda - I've included links to all the blogs and a link to Compassion so you can sign up RIGHT NOW and change your world. It is absolutely the best thing you can do to make a difference. I'm adding this on Friday the 15th - I forgot to mention when we contacted Compassion to sponsor - we simply asked for the child who had been waiting longest - no stipulation on age, location or anything. God engineered it both times that it would be a young boy in Bangladesh.

Bloggers for Uganda Trip - absolutely worth reading - share these with everyone you know and ask your readers and friends to become Compassion sponsors:
Anne Jackson
Chris Elrod
David Kuo
Doug Van Pelt
Heather Whittaker
Keely Scott
Phil Ware
Ragamuffin Soul
Randy Elrod
Rocks In My Dryer
Shaun Groves
Spence Smith
Tom Emmons

I would like to encourage you to prayerfully consider sponsoring a child today! In fact - I strongly recommend it - it'll rock your world. Knowing that on the other side of the world, two boys pray for us makes life even sweeter here on Buhlaland. Thank you Lord.


Brandi said...

I hope you find this interesting. Phil Ware is preacher at my church. He is such a wonderful and carring man. I have enjoyed keeping up with his blog this week. This world just keeps getting smaller and smaller

Beth said...

I have been giving sponsership serious consideration. I'll keep praying and then hopefully I'll just do it!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Brandi - I absolutely DO find it interesting that Phil Ware is a preacher at your church - with God connecting us - this is a very small world. Beth - there is a little voice inside you saying (do it do it do it - you'll be SOOOO blessed). Thank you for stopping by and leaving a message - I love the connection .