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Monday, October 1, 2007

New faces,Familiar Faces - same places

DH has a son, daughter in law and grandson who are here on Buhlaland for a first ever visit. Grandson is a smart and often funny fellow who really likes Rocky the goat - Rockster is pretty crazy about the boy also. While we went for a walk (sometimes DH and grandson were running but I'm too dignified for that - actually -I value my joints too much to do that to them!) this morning GS talked about the goats and what were they doing and where were they going? We opened the gates to back pasture (trusting that drier weather would cut back on the need for isolating pastures for parasite control) and GS wanted a pic with Rocky - our very small and so far nonfunctioning buck! Rocky has developed a semi-mohawk - what style the little fellow has! OK - that is the kid and kids report.

Next picture is Hannah ( mother of Montana) literally chest deep in grass. What a difference a year of rain makes in the pastures! Hannah was quite ill for a while there - same problem that took her twin Bananna - but this time it turned out better - Hannah is regaining weight, her nose is no longer a whiter shade of pale and she is able to butt heads with the rest of the gals. With a firm belief in the totally subjective theory you cannot publish too many beautiful sunrises - Ta Da - First sunrise of October - life is good on Buhlaland. Y'all come back now.

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