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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nuts you say?

Tis the season for pecans to give up their glorious treats - the tree picture is what a pecan tree looks like - I probably should have also done some shots of the leaves of a pecan but I'm not quite that botanically complete today. The other picture is a study in pecan - from how they look on the tree (green husk around the nut shell) to ripened and on the ground - (brown with ridges showing where the husk has dried up) then the familiar appearance of a pecan. Last is how pecans look when we have too many pesky squirrels! Found these littering all over the front porch at our real estate office. If we want any of our own pecans we'll have to get over there soon and pick them up.
Next shot is of the goats (what - you thought I'd go more than a couple of posts without goats?) They are browsing intently under some trees to gobble up the acorns which dropped during the night. Entering from the left of this picture are a few latecomers - running like mad in case there were suddenly no more acorns. The no more acorns situation won't happen for a month or so - then the trees will have finished dropping acorns and goats will forget what the big deal was all about. Final study of "nuts" is a few of the different acorns just along our drive and front pasture - cannot honestly tell you the different varieties of oaks - other than pretty and prettier and some keep their leaves all year. So - there you go - nuts to this whole thing - it is great on Buhlaland when goats get goodies from the sky.

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Pam said...

I used to go "nuts" collecting acorns when I was little. Some years there were thousands, and some years, there were none. We had several different varieties, but I don't know what they were. That was up in MA. No oak trees in our yard here in NC.