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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Moonshine - OH not that kind!

We walk early in the morning,a repetitious statement from me but here's proof it is the truth. We've had the brightest full moons lately,this morning I remembered to take a camera along to get a picture with enough contrast. The one with road showing - also shows my beloved DH - all bundled up in vest and stocking cap. Neither of us like cold weather and we are determined to be more fit. DH and I dress with layers upon layers to trudge our way up and down the drive.

Second image was actually the first picture taken while the sky still quite dark and our eyes could see the range of colors. Harder to catch the colors or even the moonshine on our older model digital Kodak .It is beautiful, eerie and makes our goats restless when we have so much light at night. Moonshine mornings are a hoot! (In fact we have a large owl living in one of the dead trees west of the goat pens - hooo Hoot!)Life is changing with the seasons here in Buhlaland.

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Pam said...

Moonshine, LOL! You are a hoot!