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Monday, October 8, 2007

Memory Walk

DH and I did a 5K walk on Saturday for the Alzheimer's Association of North Texas - the red flag in this picture is for my Dad - he was robbed of his pleasant old age by that vile disease. Very emotional day, so many stories people share and a beautiful location. One gentleman was there by himself, walked alone and said he was walking for his wife who evidently has Alzheimer's - that's love folks - real love. If someone you love has this disease - make every minute with them count - it is the small things that touch your heart and keep them with you mentally as long as possible. My older brother and his wife were primary caregivers for our parents - and did an fabulous job - they showed incredible levels of compassion and patience during this "long goodbye". Thanks Bob and Shell!
Walking wise - we did pretty well - defnitely have the fever to do another 5K walk soon (not a fund raiser - I stink at fund raising). Buhlaland is a bit in turmoil right now - I'm not my usual positive self and it is difficult but the best and worst thing about this life is that absolutely nothing (other than faith) lasts forever. So it is still good on Buhlaland.

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Pam said...

In Sunday School this past Sunday, our teacher was talking about the difference between happiness and joy. I am so glad that even when circumstances are not what we would want, we can still rejoice in the Lord!

I once did the Walk for Hunger in Boston. I walked 20 miles, and only raised about $25! If I did it now, I'd just skip the walking and sell baked goods at the finish line! LOL!