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Friday, September 28, 2007

Fun Blogger's Quiz

One of my few and faithful internet readers posted a fun question series on her blog( which by the way is a great place to hear about real life not all these bugs and goats and sunrises I rave on and on about! Kid's Kitchen got a set of thought provoking questions from her blog pal FriedOkra and then had a contest to see which reader would post fast enough to be her next three interviewees. Being a basically competitive person - I hurriedly begged for the chance. Then I received her questions and had to THINK a bit about answers - so here ya go! By the way - thanks Pam - I am tickled to be tagged in this!

1.And I would walk ten thousand miles…To continue the song theme, for what (or whom) would you walk ten thousand miles?
To lose the weight I still need to lose! (I know it should have been something deeper and spiritual-I can plead that this is for my health which is partly true but if I knew the hour and minute Jesus was coming back - I'd buy OUT the Godiva chocolate stores and get busy. I'm getting tired of working hard to lose weight - just put me on the road, shove me out there and make me get it over with!)

2. Tell me about your middle name. What is it? Do you like it? Why did your parents choose it? Sue - yes love it - parents chose Sue because in southern speak - Lindasueporter (maiden name) rolled easily and it wasn't PeggySue which was what my big brother wanted me named.

3. Cilantro: love it or leave it?
Love it in big bunches - DH hates it equally - so when I make something that cannot be without cilantro - I make some separate cilantroless for DH.

4. I never learned to play the piano, but I wish I did. What do you wish you could do?
Dance - Oh goodness I'd love to get out there and really shake my tail feathers - but alas and alack - I have the well earned title of MisCoordination.

5.People put different toppings on their hot dogs, depending on what part of the country they are from. What do you put on your hot dog…assuming you eat them!
Love hot dogs(totally don't give a flip about what is in them so nobody go all food police on me - I do prefer Hebrew National all beef if I'm picking), mustard, kraut, and onions - yeah baby!

6.What do you consider to be your magnum opus, or greatest accomplishment?
Only goal I pursued a long time and accomplished was graduating from college. It isn't a big deal to most younger people - but it took me a LONG time of being in and out to git 'er done. The thing I'm most amazed about is being married to a Christian man (I was widowed at age 48 and that story is too long to tell ) at this age and still finding new depths to the Lord's love. (whew finally found a question where I could sound more appropriately the old Church Lady - not the usually rebellious, stayed alive this long by accident, many miles on my life odometer person I hide so well !LOL! Shalom!!


Marie said...

Thank's for your comment on my blog! You've got a really nice blog yourself :o)

Pam said...

Great answers! Thanks for playing! I think you should do more posts like this, telling interesting stories about yourself. (I like the goat posts too!) Don't tell me you haven't have an interesting life...I've learned enough about you through comments and emails to know that you have lived a VERY interesting life!

Hope your leg is feeling better! Hugs!

rachel said...

I loved your post, Linda! You write well & I loved finding out more about you!