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Friday, September 21, 2007

Goaty Day in September

So Sorry - took these several days ago and meant to post - these are the wonderful days of plenty of pasture to eat - but doggone it - the bites JUST through the fence are the tastiest!

Norman is reaching through the fence - one of the advantages of being hornless!

Montana is the perky lil gal with the black ears - her mother is Hannah. Hannah is MUCH improved - we almost lost her in August due to heavy parasite loads but intensive treatment saved her (we lost her twin Banana earlier this summer to the same problem - I learned a lot)
This is a sunny day with lots to eat and if you look really hard at the picture with Montana in the foreground and a caramel and white goat (Castana) behind her - through the trees you see a roofline - that is our OFFICE - I told you our commute is wonderful!
Life is good in Buhlaland - I have injured my leg but trust that ibuprofren and sleep will work wonders! I've got a 5 K to walk next week!

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