Authentic Compassion

Monday, September 17, 2007

Macro views

I tend to just click away when I see something I might want to post - but this morning had smaller visitors so I tried to use the macro setting on our aging digital camera. First was the praying mantis who seems to be planning to start a family on our front porch. It is still out there this afternoon - hanging around on the milk can and generally scoping out the location. Must be a market savvy consumer - the slogan in real estate still is "location, location, location".I tried to take a picture of him (or her - I confess to total ignorance in determining gender in bugs) while holding it on my hand but he/she jumped onto a wallboard. Then our supposedly prayer inclined critter showed more of an imitation of Barry Manilow (not a prayer position, more like playing a keyboard).

By the door to our garage I found one of the treefrogs who make a big racket during the night hours. He (again I haven't a clue re: gender in frogs either - actually I must admit to some confusion determining gender in some HUMANS but that is likely to be an age/southern thing) proceeded to leap down onto my rapidly dying back hostas and I caught one more shot of M/Ms Frog before it disappeared into the vegetation. Cool huh?


Pam said...

Ew, I don't like bugs. We had HUGE praying mantises in Guam. My husband likes to take pictures of bugs, but I prefer to just run away!

Sarah said...

Nice pictures! Sorry it has taken me a while to catch up on your blog. Your property looks beautiful. I can totally see why you love it so much! I'm glad your Ellie is getting stronger - mine is as well! That's fun. :-) Thanks for always having such a sweet and positive outlook - I love how you focus on all of the Good that God has done. Thanks! - Sarah