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Monday, June 30, 2008

First step

Hey there blogernets (still working on the terminology). Lord willing and our finances hold out - we may actually renovate (read that word FINISH) the master bath. While putzing around at a home improvement store I found this light fixture on the clearance table. I like it - a lot - so it is planned for over the bathtub in the alcove next to the new window we have yet to build. First will be a large bumpout on the master bedroom so we can have a closet to truly organize (HUH?) my life.
But this light fixture is a commitment - especially since it is still in the box sitting in our home office. Talk about an elephant in the living room - this is the renovation reminder in the office space! Probably going to do beadboard ceilings like we did at the little rock house, Italian style plaster and waxed walls, not sure about tile versus wood floors and after that it all gets blurry. I'm not a person who plans a heck of a lot - I'm a lot more - build me a house around this doorknob gal. So you are looking at the doorknob (metaphorically speaking) of my master bath. What do you think? You doing any big projects in the next few months? We are always doing projects but this time it'll be mostly for US not for money. Woo Hoo says the Lady of Buhlaland - it is GOOD here and we are grateful even for a cool metaphorical doorknob type inspiration. Y'all have any good door knobs out there??


Anonymous said...

Love that light! Hoping you can finish the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, no projects this year..we did so many the last few years, taking a break and also building up our home business...but please let us see how your project progresses!

Unknown said...

OooO A renovation project!
how wonderfully fun! I can't to get into a home (not a rental) that we can play around with.

i was actually looking at knobs on ebay earlier today :)

I also LOVE restoration hardware...and Anthropologie!!!

Paula said...

I love your way to motivate, Linda Sue... buy something, then remodel around it! I like that idea!! LOL
If I ever get out of the garden, Hubby and I will be finishing my "pouthouse". No indoor projects until cold weather... this winter I want to do some stenciling and dress up these plain walls in the house.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

The light is so pretty and will be perfect for what you are planning! Hope it all gets done for you! Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Blessings, Kathleen