Authentic Compassion

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Appearances are deceiving

What is your guess :a. goat back massage
b. paying homage to alpha goat
c. defensive maneuver?

I downloaded my camera and I see a surprise. I often take pictures quickly and as you can see not always in perfect focus. Really expected to see a shot of Flip (alpha female - tan and white) knocking Blackie off her perch. My laughter at what I got - well it was worth posting for y'all. Nothing earthshaking - just a little caprine humor on Buhlaland.


Paula said...

I'm not really sure WHAT they're doing, LindaSue!
It sure is funny looking, though!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

This was just too funny! You were at the right place at the right time for a good photo. Blessings, Kathleen

Lolosblog said...

Great Shot! Just what would you name it if you had to?

LindaSue said...

Brandi - since I'm in a truly add mood at the moment - I guess I'd title this shot "yep that's the spot" - looks a little like Flip is getting just the right place massaged. Reality was - she was preparing to knock Blackie off the tree - but for one moment - it was a spa treatment!

Carolyn said...

Just surfing the blogs and stopped by for a visit.

Nice Blog!