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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What you need or what you want?

Picture of poison oak turning fall colors.Has almost nothing to do with today's blog unless you really stretch the idea of beautiful poison. I was reading Max Lucado's website and below I've inserted most of a short message about greed. (Emphasis added by me.)

"In 1900 the average person living in the United States wanted seventy-two different things and considered eighteen of them essential. Today the average person wants five hundred things and considers one hundred of them essential.
Our obsession with stuff carries a hefty price tag. Eighty percent of us battle the pressure of overdue bills. We spend 110 percent of our disposable income trying to manage debt. And who can keep up?" “Be on your guard against every form of greed.”Luke 12:15 NASB

We (here on Buhlaland) want to know the difference between what is OUR will and what is the Lord's will in our lives. We don't believe God wants us to be miserable, He loves us enough to provide a way back to Him. We do believe He wants us to love Him first and others as ourselves. Easy to see how our neighbors waste their money on "stuff" - harder to ferret it out in my spending.(speck in someone else's eye and log in mine issue!) No wise answers from this blogger - but what IS essential to you? Do we really believe there are more than ten times as many essentials in our lives than 100 years ago? It is sufficient on Buhlaland - and that is good especially when we remember to be grateful for sufficiency. It is good we have a Lord who is Jehovah-jireh - God who provides -- maybe not what we think we want but definitely what we need.


Mary said...

I was just talking with my husband about hoarding. How we clutter up our storage spaces with things that we do not need. Instead of giving that item away to someone that might need it, we keep it because there "just may" be a day when we do need it. Phooey. Away it goes. And more peace arrives.

I realize your point is we should live within our means, be happy, as God intended for us to be. And part of that begins with making a better decision (before spending money) "what do we really need."

Sure wished we had learned that earlier in life! Perhaps we need to help the youngsters learn to be frugal early on!?

Lanny said...

We just started an exercise here at Vicktory Farm and Gardens about what a human's basic needs are and why and what they entail. Very interesting chatter, and the girl in the family that appears to be the most materialistic, piped in with putting God at the top. I guess I always assume God goes with out saying but she must have felt strongly it needed to be stated from the get go and let all the rest follow.

Great post, I'll be makin sure the girls get over here tomorrow. For now I head to the trailer with a "good night and God bless you on Buhl-a-land."

Vickie said...

Amen to everything you said, Linda. I'm so sorry your husband and you, too, will have continuing health issues to deal with, but you're right - His grace is sufficient for you.

And yes, we can live with alot less. It's those big life issues that make us realize what's truly important and what's just extra dross that we need to cast off. I think that is kinda what I'm feeling right now. Tony & I have lived our 30 years together, in the beginning trying to collect this and that and get more "stuff". It's only in the last 5 years or so that I have realized that we don't need or really want it. I truly learned this lesson going through my great depression. I just wanted to be whole again and have my family around me. I already had my God with me. I will never be the same perfectly healthy me again. But it is a reminder and a teacher to me about what's important. I think there's a new song out right now about wounding the soul but leave the scar (I'm not sure of the correct title) and it's a great song.

Sorry so long. I'm wound up. I feel ya'll's pain and your struggle. You're in my prayers for strength, richness of life and grace.

KathyB. said...

Something I have been pondering for quite awhile. When life gets you down it is rarely the "things" in your life that lift you fact, they often contribute weight to the drag-down. I guess with age comes a bit more perspective, and knowing the years when I wanted so much stuff, and spent a great deal of time in the wanting, were special years I wish I could get back, and appreciate even more what I DID have. ( and that does not include any material things)

Prayers for you and yours on Buhl-a-land.

LindaSue said...

Mary - old German saying "too soon old too late smart" can certainly apply to MY spending habits in years gone by. When we've cleaned out closets or storage areas and shared with people who had needs - when and if we DO need something again it always is provided in a way unique and unexpected. God's economy is SO much smarter than ours. Lanny - your girls are always MORE than welcome here - I could use some smiles and they seem to provide them (wouldn't mind a good pie but my diet isn't going well so we'll forget that!)
Vickie - sounds like we are both aware of what is real and what will be burned away -- like the old joke about the rich man dying and someone asked "what did he leave to his heirs?" absolutely everything - didn't take any of it with him.
KathyB - pain is SUCH a painful lesson - I'd rather have multiple choice or even a good essay question to test me and instruct me. BUT His will not mine - and definitely don't need $175 purses (saw one at a cowboy clothing store I thought I just had to have - then saw the price tag) whew!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Excellent post and how true. I tend to hoard but in the last year have been giving stuff away. No one but me can tell stuff is gone but more stuff is leaving and going where someone else can use it or sell it.
We have a big ole farmhouse and people tend to give us their old stuff because, "it will look so good in your house!" and here it sits... but not for long!
You and your husband are remembered in prayer.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What wise and wonderful words. Lindasue, thank you on the advice about posting the photos on my blog, you were right, I just had to click that little box! Blessings,Kathleen

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi, I forgot to add that on reading your words about what we think is essential.....I think the computer is essential! Isn't that terrible?...but for's an outlet and a connection to other wonderful folks like you! Just loved your post. blessings,Kathleen

LindaSue said...

Kathleen - I completely agree with you about the essential nature of a computer - we all used to live in communities - where we really knew one another - now in a transient society with few nuclear families. It seems we "connect" on the internet - I found my DH online! So I KNOW good things are online - and I treasure each of you.