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Saturday, September 26, 2009

In the realm of totally inappropriate

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Please click on this link Bovine MC Hammah and click on the picture of a blue cow and a chocolate bar

Lyrics you are hearing:

Can´t touch this

Moo, moo, moo, moo

Chocolate hits me so hard

Makes me say “Oh, so good!”

Thank you for giving me a mouth to eat with and two hype feet

It feels good, when you know your´re down

A super cool cow from Airy town

And I´m known as such

This is a beat, uh, you can´t touch

I told you, blue cow (Can´t touch this)

Yeah, that´s how we´re living and you know (You can´t touch this)

Look at my chocolate, man

This is an advertisement for a chocolate candy bar - from Norway. Somehow this makes me laugh and I've watched it a dozen times now. ahhh the golden oldies - can't touch this! It is silly on Buhlaland and that is good.


Mary said...

Love it, love have me giggling. I love silly!

KathyB. said...

No chocolate there on Buhl-la-land? Funny song, from Norway you say? Home of our family's ancestors. Home of great chocolate too. I am happy for silly times there in Buhl-la-land.

LindaSue said...

KathyB - I have 4 friends in Norway I hear from every day online. One had eaten this candy bar yesterday and then gave me the link to the silly ad.
Mary - glad to share a giggle - we're glad to pass around silliness here occasionally! Laughter does a body good!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh, just love this! Chocolate!....wonder if this tastes good? blessings,Kathleen

LindaSue said...

Kathleen - my friends in Norway assure me it is very good chocolate - said it has air bubbles in it like Crunch bars without the rice krispy stuff.

Paula said...

Oh my- that was too cute, Linda Sue!! And I love your header! Your hens are gorgeous!