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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tart and tangy and uses lots of eggs!

Pie glorious pie - it deserves much more adulation than it usually gets. Most people think pie = homey dessert but nothing to get worked up over like tiramisu or creme brulee. Lemon Meringue Pie is pie perfection - tangy, tart with the sweet airiness of meringue answered by a good buttery flakey crust. For Labor Day (I know I know - I am irreparably far behind in blogging - work with me people) we had a couple of dear friends over for ribs and salads and quiche. We have had an absolute GLUT of fresh eggs. The cluckers have been busy producing deliciousness daily. We get 8 eggs every day - unfortunately a couple of the hens have decided to stand UP when dropping an egg - dropped eggs -even fresh well cushioned nesting box eggs - will have a tendency to crack when they hit a hard surface. So some days it is 6 eggs and other days I find a surprise egg hiding under the rail which leads to the nesting boxes (somebody in too much of a hurry - waiting her turn and blam - too late).
It is fun having fresh eggs to share with people. End of September and the days are getting shorter,this week unseasonably cool for Texas --we are thinking about when to start leaving on the coop light. 2009 is our first year as chicken keepers is the term chicken tenders? - (no that is what I order at the joint on Main St with extra gravy) or chicken wranglers? (mental picture of chickens strutting around in blue jeans?!) I guess the right term for us -- people who have 8 egg laying chickens in the Coop Mahal. Returning from the rabbity trail down which I just led you dear reader--the goal was to illustrate how we have plenty of eggs and when I want to be extravagant with egg whites it is perfectly fine. Used 6 egg whites for the meringue and 4 yolks in the lemon pie filling. It was tasty - yep - tasty indeed. My photos don't do the pie justice but you'll have to take my word on it - it was GOOD on Buhlaland on Labor Day (and pie the next morning for breakfast wasn't a bad thing!).
Picture of my hand holding regular sized Buhlaland egg and one whopper (turned out to be a double yolker) comparing with credit card sized donor card - an attempt at educational photography.

Ah the cluckers - they seem to conspire and murmur cluckity thoughts when I am out with the camera - I can no longer wear crocs in the chicken run - they peck through the holes at my feet! It is good to have eggs, chickens, pie and holidays here on Buhlaland.
I think it is possible that in addition to angel food cake and manna - we'll have lemon meringue pie in heaven.


Debbie said...

I always get a hoot out of your posts, but Linda, that makes my mouth water. Forget the bread pudding recipe I just posted. If I could make a lemon meringue pie like that, I'd be makin' it. How about the recipe for said pie?
I don't think half of my lm pies have been very edible. They tend to be runny. What is the secret?
Is it your chickens? Is it something about the eggs? Tell!

LindaSue said...

Will find recipe and get it out - I think runny filling may be not enough egg yolks but will see. I'm weathering a cold right now and just knew I HAD to get a blog up before everyone gave up on me. No secrets in these chickens - at least nothing the cluckers would share with me! Thanks for stopping by - always love seeing Beau

Vickie said...

You are so funny, Linda, chicken tender indeed! How 'bout chicken nuggets?

Your lemon pie looks wonderful. My favorite (after coconut). You'll have to share your recipe!

I don't know who to believe anymore about how many eggs a person can eat a day/week and still have good cholesterol. I love eggs. You tell me - how many can we eat???

LindaSue said...

Vickie - I think all the panic about cholesterol is interesting - my grandparents ate 2 eggs at least every morning and none of them had heart disease. I tend to agree with this article - eggs are so yummy and healthy for us

I think we run more danger from all the liver clogging artificial foods we all know and love! Vickie I also love coconut pie -
as to how many eggs can we eat - right now - with eggs cheap and nothing else is - we are eating lots of eggs!

Pam said...


We have plenty of eggs around here too, especially with me needing to curb the baking business. Perhaps I should make a pie! I'm trying to get as much rest as possible, though, so perhaps it will just be more scrambled eggs! Breakfast for dinner with nice, fresh, bright yellow eggs...nothing wrong with that!

KathyB. said...

I like the new header of your cluckers. They look like happy cluckers, and they must be to produce so many lovely eggs for you and your husband.

When I go out to check for eggs there always seems to be a line-up for just the 2 nest boxes. Never mind that there are more nest boxes available, they all want the same one or two...anyway, the line-up reminds me of intermission at ball games and theater, ladies all lined up to use the loo....good thing we aren't laying eggs, we'd never get out of lines!

I digress, your pie looks divine and you just know the fresh eggs make a huge difference in the taste and fluffy meringue.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Linda....saw your pie and my mouth watered..Lemon meringue pie my absolute favorite of all time..and yours looks delish...
I remember that was one pie we had to learn in home ec myself, I know

Kelly said...

I am definitely a pie person. I love lemon meringue bestest.

LindaSue said...

Good to hear from y'all - I'm trying to put together the recipes - do you just want filling or the whole shebang? I tend to make meringue by memory but could figure that one out. Will get recipes up here in a day or two - still too hectic around here.

Mary said...

And here I am commenting very, very late. Would you believe I have never made meringue? Your pie looked scrumptuous. Just made an apple pie. Blogging about it tomorrow.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh My Gosh...this looks FABULOUS! I love pie; love to make it and love to eat it.